Photos from Les Saintes, Guadeloupe, Central America Caribbean

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1 last rehydration stop 'fore heading back to boat
And again!
Thanks for the great pic, Rob!
The Inspiration Crew!
Thanks for the WARNING. lol
Frangipani caterpillar.
It MUST be good.
Climbing many hills and many steps.
walked to the windward side of the island.
No swimming here. And very windy.
Windward beach. Look at those waves!
Walked to the Airport.
Grave yard.
Where to next?
Happy Hosts.
Cross at the top of Terre D'En Haut
pretty views
Now that we found him, let's show him around!
A view from the TOP.
Rob came bearing birthday gifts from Jimmy.
We finally FOUND him!!!
The next day...STILL waiting at the ferry dock.
The fish market (closed by the afternoon)
Fish Market. Will Rob be on the next ferry??
Making our way back to the ferry dock.
Looking back at the town.
Friendly goats.
Inspiration at anchor
old battle grounds.
A view from the top of Tete Rouge
Furry welcome
Goat greeting.
Little lunch spot.
A tree grows out of one of the grocery stores.
Terre D'en Haut is a fishing village.
Roadside market
Little roadside veggie market
Touring the town while we wait for the next ferry.
Checking messages. Where's Rob?? Not on the ferry!
Le bourg des Saintes…
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