The Saintes

Published: September 24th 2007
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We traveled down the lee side of the Coast, visiting a couple of anchorages. Basseterre anchorage is not well protected. There was a commercial boat anchored and another at the dock. This area is tallest in the country and gets the most of amount of rain.
Arrived in the Saintes late in the afternoon still flying the Q (quarentine) flag.
We stayed 2 nights there, trying to decide what to do about the alternator. Pete had installed the spare, but we still having problems, can't get over 40 amps output, so it takes forever to charge the batteries.
We dinghies into town, walked around, found an ice cream store, yummy. Found a place called Mikes hamburger on a side street. We decided we had not had a hamburger since the Bahamas, let's go for it. Us and the French, yeah...Mike says chips? We said yes. Woman comes out of the back, starts to cook hamburgers, they are huge, finally Mike serves us. Hmmmm, no chips, well what is in here? The bun is like to tops and inside is a huge burger with Tomatoes, mustard and 1 egg scrambled with cheese. Well Pete, this must be the chips....They have no ketchup, only mustard and mayo.
We need to make a decision as to continue or go into Pointe Pitre.


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