A Day in San Salvador

Published: December 30th 2011
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In flight—San Salvador to Dallas-Fort Worth

9:05 a.m.

Spent the day yesterday in San Salvador. Got up early in Ahuachapán, said our goodbyes to the folks who helped us (even the work crew from our construction site came to visit us and tell us goodbye), ate breakfast, and rolled out. It was sad to say goodbye, but I guess I’m used to goodbyes by now...

The rest of the day was either on the road or in San Salvador. First thing in San Salvador (or on its outskirts), we went to a (dormant) volcano where we saw a lovely, tree-covered crater. It was nice to be back in nature after so much time in the city... A breath of fresh air...

Then, we ate lunch at Pizza Hut (yeah, I know, I raise my eyebrow, too, but I guess it’s guaranteed gringo-friendly food, and some of our students hadn’t spent much time out of country and so had a hankering for American-style food, perhaps) and went to the Romero museum (house and chapel where Oscar Romero lived and was assassinated). Very somber, but a moving and meaningful experience.

Last, we went to an artisan market and then to the hotel to check in. Then to dinner at the China Wok. (Food choices in San Salvador were contingent on where we could find sanitary food preparation.) Finished the night with a last devotion. Up early in the morning today for our flights...

Really wish I were fluent in Spanish.

Anyway. Time. Mi vida. Tus planes para mi, mi Señor. ¿Adónde voy a ir?

Maybe it’s okay not to have answers now. No, it’s definitely okay. But trips like this always make me thing and wonder, long for change, to change, to change the world. To follow those deep-seated dreams and feeling of changing the world, serving God, making the world a better place. Seeking justice for the poor, living in solidarity. Radical love. Hospitality...

Mi vida, mi vida. Tu vida. Tu regalo para mi. Muchase gracias por este viaje, por estas experiencias y este tiempo para estar contigo. Gracias, el Señor, por todo—por las personas de Ahuachapán, esas iglesias, esas familias y amigos, hermanos y hermanas. Ellos Dios de la bendiga... God bless and
keep them and us as we continue to seek community, friendship, y la familia—el cuerpo de Cristo.

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