Una familia en Cristo

Published: December 29th 2011
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We drove around the countryside this morning, visiting two towns, markets, etc. Our group enjoyed walking around the towns, having some coffee and other goodies, and taking in the sights of the food festival in (my handwriting’s hard to see here) Juayua. Then, in the evening, we joined in at another local Methodist church (the same one where we had the battle of the bands) for a multicultural service led by Pastora Marta and Pastor Juan, two of our gracious hosts. The music was mostly in Spanish, which we enjoyed and took part in, and we were also able to sing a couple songs (Spanish and English) for our diverse congregation. Then, Pastora Marta and Pastor Juan delivered a sermon (with Pastor Juan translating into English for those of our group who do not speak Spanish well). It was a moving sermon and service that, just as Pastora Marta spoke of, revealed the unity of Christ’s body and the family we all create. Pastora Marta spoke of the community and family of Christ, and that our joining together shows that we are brothers and sisters in a family that goes beyond language, culture, origin, nationality, and so on. These are sentiments I’ve thought of before in my various journeys and in meeting so many people from different places, but Pastora Marta put it into beautiful words at just the right moment for me.

Finally, we all ate dinner together after the service and had our nightly devotion again with our neighbors. Our translators (Pato, mostly) worked overtime in translating the entire devotion, English prayers, etc., into Spanish, and vice versa when our neighbors shared with us (a number of us speak Spanish, but not many of us our fluent). After dinner, we all went downtown to celebrate the centennial founding festival of Ahuachapán, which was replete with fireworks, music, and much more. Happy anniversary, Ahuachapán!

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Manly men...Manly men...
Manly men...

...who bought the ever-ubiquitous machetes at the market.

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