Land for the third time, this time I will come home with my newfound land.

Published: June 4th 2005
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Traveling is more then just a vacation…this is something that opens you mind and gets your spirit going. Most people wouldn’t know, because they have never taken the chance to go. It becomes an addiction like no other. To see, communicate with, and learn other cultures in Latin America has become a life style for me. However I don’t just go on these trips to have a good time, or to meet people, which happens every time I go down there, but for business as well. Land will be the first thing I start with in Nicaragua but I plan to help the people more then the average traveler with technologies of today Nica’s will be able to have power on islands and fishing communities that use solar power boats. You might not thing that is a lot but to someone that can’t afford 3 gallons of gas, it means the world. I have met some amazing people down there and look forward to living there in the future.

This is the beginning of my third trip to Nicaragua I plan to find my own piece of land down there. So I will start this trip off with a visit to my friends place in El Salvador. From there we will head south to Nicaragua. Hope you guys are interested to join me on this journey. Maybe in the future you will take the trip with me.


22nd June 2005

Your journey sounds incredible. I only wish one thing.. that I could partake on your adventure. My name is Nora, I'm 24 and i currently live in Boston. I was just on here reading about peoples travelling adventures, b/c I'm an advid traveler myself. I've traveled the entire US, on my own, stayed in a couple cities that i liked for a while, got some crappy jobs just to pay for the next bus ticket to the next city. I've made lots of friends in these cities, and i pretty much just stay with them when i'm traveling. I just got home from my 3rd trip of backpacking in Europe. I go travelling by myself that way I don't have to deal with anyone else. I stay in hostils everywhere I go, to save money. I'm planning a trip to travel to Central America this spring, so if you have any favorite areas you could recommend, that would be awesome. Thanks alot, look forward to hearing from you. Please e-mail me so we can talk, my address is Thanks, see you later -Nora

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