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So it’s been awhile since my last update...actually new years. Things have been a little hectic, and very awesome. Heres the short summary: Becky and I decided to push up our end date a few weeks so that we could spend some time traveling together in El Salvador before she went back to find work. After leaving Estancia, we traveled in El Salvador for 2 ½ weeks, and she, a few days ago, arrived in VA ready to reacclimate to US living. Here’s the scoop from our time in Estancia post New Years. It should be heavy in pics, Enjoy. The Goods 1. Cow Time 2. The Party 3. My Birthday 4. Other Highlights from Estancia 5. Making Ducle (Raw Cane Sugar) 6. Leaving 1. Cow time For the end of the year party, the NGO/clinic ... read more
Our Coozies
The whole gang
Getting Silly1

Since Mexico, Last 2 Weeks 1. Bats in the Night and Baseball 2. Relationships 3. Honey a la miel. 4. Working the Fields 1. Bats in the Night, and Baseball Last night (Dec 11), a bat got into our house around 9 pm. The problem was that to get it out, it has to go through either the door or 1 of 2 windows, which are pretty low compared to the ceiling. And since it was flying high, it was clear that it needed some external help. Fortunately for us, Bela (the dude), had been to Africa and learned that in these situations, the best tactic is to smack it out. Thus, with a broom in hand, Bat Baseball began. I then spent the next 45 min. swinging for the fences at this little mammal. The ... read more
Working with Jaime
Honey 2
Honey 1

VISA RUN TO MEXICO Contents 1. Visa’s and San Cristobal, Mexico 2. Indulging 3. Bugs 1. Visa’s and San Cristobal, Mexico. So our visa situation in El Salvador is this: were tourists and we have to leave the region every 3 months. The tricky part is that Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Nicaragua are all on the same visa. So in order to renew our visa, we have to high tail it to Costa Rica or Mexico. For our first visa run, we chose Chiapas, Mexico. Chiapas Mexico is home of the Zapatistas, a marginalized indigenous group that has been fighting for human rights for the last 10 years and gained international fame when they stormed (and took) the city of San Cristobal. But enough boring history mumbo jumbo, onto the fun. We went to San ... read more
ahhhh! ahhhh!
Flags on the Street

Hiking, Bugs, the 3 Secrets to Life 1. Hiking Cerro Pelon 2. Scorpion Bites and Tarantulas 3. Community Activities: Soccer, Church, Politics. 1. Hiking Cerro Pelon We live in a valley surrounded by rolling hills and mountains. Of all, the tallest mountain, Cerro Pelon, looms in the distance and has a mystical quality to the people here. It’s the only one with a name, and the only one that people hike up just for the sake of reaching the top. Naturally, it topped our to do list and we gathered a group of people early on in our time here. We were a group of 8, 4 Gringos, 2 Salvedoreno friends about our age, and 2 13 year olds. It was 2 ½ hours to the top from our house, and we crossed rivers, streams, and ... read more
Looking Out
View From Cerro Pelon
Sword Fights with weeds

The Floods 1. Flooding in El Salvador/FMLN 2. Hammocks 3. Becky’s Work 4. Siete Semillas (7 Seeds) 1. Flooding in El Salvador/FMLN As for me, I escaped all of the flooding, but the damage is pretty incredible. As it turns out, I didn’t even know there was a hurricane passing until I heard about the flooding and landslides (which I found out about a day and a half later). I actually was at a rally for the FMLN party (quick history cuz it sets the scene: FMLN is the far leftist political party of El Salvador which represents the poor, campesinos, and the down trodden. They were the guerilla party of the war fighting against the wealthy families who controlled the military, government, and wealth. Eventually the civil war ended with a truce and the downtrodden ... read more
Don Dimitrio during the Anthem
FMLN Rally
7 Seeds

Life in General Its been awhile, but I’m doing great. We’re wrapping up the year here in the next week, and then Ill be in Phoenix, AZ for 8 days over the holidays to see family. Be in touch and enjoy! Contents 1. Way of Life 2. Clinic Stuff, Interesting Cases, And the Rest of My Life 3. Outside of the Clinic: Rivers, Soccer, and Hammocks 1. Way of Life Life is slow and easy, everyone is friendly, and it’s an entirely different world. From the bus stop, it’s a 45 min. walk/hike down into the valley (where we live). And from down there, there is absolutely no sign of organized civilization, just puro campo. Even when we hiked up to the peak of the Cerro Pelon (tallest mountain/hill nearby, see #), you still couldn’t see ... read more
At Zapote
Swimmin' Hole

My life in El Salvador So i made it to Estancia, El Salvador 3 weeks ago, without problems. This blog is a bit overdue, but i hope this suffices. Unfortunately my first entry from El Campo (the countryside) is general life stuff without too many stories. But next week ill update you all on my stories, and for a preview checkout the end. Enjoy: 1) Estancia, El Salvador 2) My Life is Sweet 3) Clinic work 4) A Day in the Life 5) Highlights: Kids, Dogs, Clothes by Hand 6) The Other Couple 7) Preview for Next Time 8) Call Me 1) Estancia, El Salvador. I live in Estancia. They speak spanish here, they dont have electricity, but some people have a water hose. Most people have dirt floors, some people have bricks or cinderblock walls, ... read more
French Press
La biblioteca
Washing clothes

Tim Version: * Traveled to Cacaopera along a bumpy as hell bus ride after a struggle with bus times in San Miguel. * Stayed at the Mayan Medicine Man´s place, swam in a beautiful pristine river, and found Eve to be truly loved by nature. The version that almost had to sleep in the streets of Cacaopera: Leaving San Miguel, we had a real struggle at the bus station. Everyone was pretty wasted from the night before, and asking bus times we kept getting wrong directions, wrong bus times, and nonexistent buses! It took us nearly 3 hours to catch a bus in the direction we wanted, a real struggle! It also revealed yet again the strange mentality here (Central America in general) about distances and times... There are tonnes of people working hard manual labor, ... read more
One way to fence your house!
Wish I could abseil those...

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