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Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Central » Suchitoto November 13th 2007

We decided to spend a couple of nights just north of San Salvador on a farm owned by the people who owned Ximena's, the place we stayed in San Salvador. It was called Lisa's Place. It was pleasant enough and there crops up the back to explore. But we were surprised by the collection of German Sheppards and Rottweilers around the house. They were breeding them and they had the cutest little puppies. We had a couple of objectives during our stay. The first was to see the Mayan ruins at Cihuatan. We took a bus which dropped us at the gate but the security guard wouldn't let us pass. Well, he had the gun, wasn't interested in cash, and there was a notice saying 'Parque cerrado hasta nuevo aviso' ('Park closed until further notice') so ... read more
Unusual church steeple
A quiet street
Another quiet street

"Suchitoto is widely known throughout El Salvador for its Church and for its cobblestone roads. Suchitoto is one of the few areas in El Salvador were there are still cobblestone roads. It has an excellent view of the Suchitlán lake, which is an artificial lake formed in the Lempa river and the Cerrón Grande dam. It is a very popular weekend destination for Salvadoreans. It has a broad cultural activities, such as: gallery arts, cultural centers and handcrafts." from Wikipedia. I had no idea we were going to stop here. It does not seem that there are real cobbles ( hand hewen stone) forming the streets but rather smooth stones placed to form a somewhat flat surface. We left Cecilia's Yard in good time and arrived at Suchitoto early in the afternoon. The cook group was ... read more
 Simple Cotton
La Plaza Major
The Garden at Vista Conga

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Central » Suchitoto December 11th 2006

Suchitoto to Perquin Perquin is near the Honduran border in the North East, supposedly a cool mountain town, could have fooled me, its been a constant 28ºc whilst we’ve been here! It’s famous for the central point of administration during the civil war in the 70’s and 80s. A lot of fighting went on here, massacres of innocent people by the army. We visited a museum about it, a tiny little place, a local guide shown us around and explained some of the photos and artifacts and he had first hand knowledge as he was a guerilla during the war, He went into details of some of the atrocities and stories of friends and family he lost and said that the war had to happen as they were at a point where the people weren’t being ... read more

Travel blog - PART II (This is a lot ... but I've finally caught up!!) We entered Livingston, Guatemala not knowing what to expect at all. * We spent most of our time speaking with people from of the Garifuna culture. I danced with locals, saw one of the Semana Santa processions (it's kind of like religious parades that they have each day during Easter week in towns all over Latin America that focus on the Easter events), and ate fresh garlic shrimp every day ... and enjoyed every single one. * Our next stop was Tikal which was AMAZING. Our cabins were in the jungle - literally. The Jungle Lodge cabins were in the middle of the national park, a few minutes walk away from the pyramids we would see. Monkeys woke me up twice ... read more

Hi again everyone! I apologize for taking so long to send another blog. Our schedule got really crazy recently and I wanted to send a blog with pictures. Each time I had an extra 30 minutes to work, my pictures would be in the hotel ... or just not with me. It's been way too long since I've written. So, of course, I have a lot to tell you all. :-) Right now, our group is in Suchitoto, El Salvador. We spent Easter week in San Pedro, Belize for a break which was incredible. I went snorkeling for the first time and it was GREAT! At first I was really freaked out about trying to breathe while in the water and stayed attached to the boat ladder for about 30 minutes; but after I got the ... read more
San Cristobal de las Casas
Zapatista Territory

Central America Caribbean » El Salvador » Central » Suchitoto February 17th 2006

What a surprise and delight El Salvador has been! When I planned this trip I thought many times about adding El Salvador. It has a reputation for being very dangerous. what I have found is a peaceful country, lovely people, swet little villages and one of hte most beutiful hotels I've ever experienced in over 30 years of traveling. I did heed many warnings from family and friends and decided to book a tour rather than do the collectivo vans and buses by myself. ( I can be up for an adventure but I'm not crazy). Turns out I am on a private tour. But it is good because they basically get me to a town and leave me on my own to explore. fhe first day was in the little colonial village of Suchitoto. It ... read more

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