Bye Bye El Salvador....

Published: August 11th 2008
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Here comes Nicaragua!! Yes, our time here in El Salvador is up... just one last night in San Salvador and an early departure tomorrow... followed by a full day of travel. We have seen far more of this country than I ever imagined... especially thinking back to when we were first plotting our travel itinerary. El Sal was initially just going to be a few days on the beach between Guatemala and Nicaragua... but it turned into 6 full days of sightseeing and exploration. Places like Suchitoto and Lake Ilopongo really won us over. Are there markets like Chichicastenango in Guatemala... no... but there are also no hordes of backpackers or tour groups. Are there sights like Copan or Tikal... no... but again, when you are at any sight here you are likely to have it to yourself. Not a destination for the first time traveler.. or for someone who has never been to the America's before... but definitely worth a visit. Most of the tourists here are actually 'nationals'.... people from within the borders of El Salvador out exploring their own country. Being so small, it is easy to travel around this country... and nowhere is more than 2 hours from the capital city.

Yesterday was spent along the coast... Costa del Sol... checking out the beaches and nearby estuary.. enjoying a boat trip and some swimming. A nice seafood lunch and plenty of chill time enjoying the use of the pool at our lunch stop. Really beautiful day. Today was spent out to the west amidst the volcanoes the little towns.... following what is known as 'La Ruta de las Flores'. Drove up high for some volcano views... passed scenic lakes... and enjoyed lunch in a little town hosting a 'gastronomic festival'. Towns with cobblestone roads, men or horseback, women selling assorted handicrafts, and the simple life. Another great day indeed... followed by a second night of mini-golf near the mall next door.... as Luca is now addicted and insisted that we go play again (even though it was dark). It was either that or watch 'The Mummy 3'.... uugh... it was an easy decision to make. A simple dinner in the hotel bar... laundry in the hotel laundromat... and a blog update before bed. Bags are packed... kids clothes are out... nintendo's and ipods are charged....

I am gonna keep this one short... and send you
bank security - Copan, Hondurasbank security - Copan, Hondurasbank security - Copan, Honduras

... forget to attach this gem last week!
all a bunch of assorted pics from our last few days. Just random images to try and give you a sense of this place and what we have been up to. Our drive tomorrow is about 10 hours long... east through the southern part of Honduras and into Nicaragua. Can't wait.

... more to come... enjoy the pics.


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They have more to worry about than litterbugsThey have more to worry about than litterbugs
They have more to worry about than litterbugs

keeping parks safe - El Salvador
'La Rute de las Flores' - gastronomic festival'La Rute de las Flores' - gastronomic festival
'La Rute de las Flores' - gastronomic festival

best lunch we have had all week

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