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Published: March 12th 2008
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I've been living on my own for the first time in a small casita, complete with a large backyard bursting with fruit trees--mangoes, lemons, limes, oranges, bananas, coconuts, maranon (cashew), almond, and others that are still a mystery to me (that and I keep forgetting the names for them). I also have my very own pila and latrine to complete the picture, and Cristina has told me that she'll be giving me a couple pollitos (chicks), and Colombia will be handing over a kitten when it's old enough. Cristina jokes that all I need now is a dog, a cow, a pig, a husband, and kids...well, I don't think all that will be happening in a year, but it's certainly nice to feel like I'm settling in. Living alone certainly has its challenges as well, but I'm hoping to adjust.

Thinking about it in context, my lifestyle is fairly simple--and very lucky. I don't know when I'll come across the next opportunity where I'll be given a house with a yard, food, a guitar, pets, and most of all, a chance to focus on issues and work that I am passionate about. Although I'm living as a volunteer and not earning any money, I'm still provided with everything I "need" and more, and feeling quite content in this place I'm in right now.

Regarding the last entry: Bob sent me a message about the GMO corn, suggesting that possibly it was Monsanto's "Round up Ready" corn that was modified to be sterile after a year. Monsanto was the same company that also produced Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. I'll do some research into this (the agro-engineers that work for the organization I'm working for are incredibly knowledgeable), and let you know what I find.

Coming soon (after I can hopefully retrieve my pictures that were mysteriously eaten by a virus on my memory card), a full update on all of my theatre groups and the work that we've been doing...

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17th April 2008

robyn, the more i read of your adventures, the more and more happy i become just reveling in the fact that i know you. the breaking away VHS (bless VHS) you sent me that one time sits on my shelf and whenever i see it i think of you. you are wonderful!

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