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Published: December 14th 2010
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I have complained a lot while I've been here in the Dominican. I’ve missed my family and my boyfriend like CRAZY. I’ve missed being able to choose what I want to eat for meals and when I want to eat. I’ve missed food from home-A LOT. But I expected that when it came time to say goodbye I would be a sad because I’ve made some INCREDIBLE friends here and my family has been really, really wonderful. I cried for the first time after saying goodbye to our friend Katy on the 13th. Luckily, then I was with 5 other girls who stopped in the middle of the sidewalk for a group hug. (See what I mean about incredible friends?) I thought maybe that would be it since whenever I have thought about saying goodbye no tears have come to my eyes. I should know better, though. The friends I have made here and I will forever share a bond--living in the D.R., away from home, and having no nearby support system would be impossible, I think. As much as I hated being away from Pat and my home and what I know, I wouldn't trade my time here for anything.

I have clearly really failed at keeping my blog updated, so, I am just going to make bullet points and then you all will have to ask me about them when I get home. That way, you will have to talk to me. 😊

-Halloween party
-Thanksgiving dinner
-Old dog/new dog
-Cigar factory
-Gas station/restaurant
-My family here
-Las Aguilas: Dominican baseball games…

I will be home in one day and 10 hours, approx. I know you all can’t wait to see me. 😊 And I can’t wait to see you all either!



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