The "patient" is doing better!

Published: April 30th 2005
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Hi everyone - well, I'm doing much better after another whole day in bed! And, I did take the Cipro afterall, so hopefully it will kick in and I can start really enjoying my holiday. Yesterday we went into Sosua and did some shopping - it was great, though the vendors are very pushy...I did, however, get two boyfriends, a couple fo paintings and a wooden carving for a steal! And we ended up having a drink at the Checkpoint Bar, which is owned by some Canadians, and we ended up getting a cab back to the resort rather than taking the free shuttle - why? Well, the bus was so packed, and it was standing room only, so we paid the $10 and rode in comfort! We ate at teh Japanese restaurant last night, and we all tried sushi and other stuff - it was ok, but pretty damn salty, and I think it may have contributed to my illness (we'll call it la Tourista). The girls had a really eventful day, taking part in the pool olympics and buggy boarding and dancing...Julie and Kerri's team won, but Jenelle had a laugh anyways - and they met a lot of new people - I'm jealous, but I feel much better after recooperating! Anyways, tomorrow we're hopefully going into Cabarete for some more shopping, but it all depends on Kerri's stomach - she may go tot he doctor tomorrow because she's been suffering like me for a few days, though she hasn't taken my advice to drink lots of water and lay off the booze - oh well. Anyways, we just back fro mthe show, and it was pretty fun, and now the girls are gone back to their room, so me and Jenelle are wondering if we'll stay out for a bit and have a few drinks now that I'm feeling better. Oh, and stupid me locked our key in the room earlier, so we had to have someone come let us back in - luckily, there was no charge! Anyways, it's way too damn hot here, though I'd move here in a heartbeat - if I had a good job, and the "illness" passed off soon. I don't think I can downlaod any pictures form here, as I don't even see the computers (only the monitors and keyboards) - I'll check. If not, I'll send them when I get home. Miss ya lots - not! lol


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