Majors and Minors - Day 1 - Travel to Cuba

Published: May 27th 2017
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After a year's hiatus from the blog, we are off on a new adventure and we are taking some virgin travelers (get your mind out of the gutter) for their high school graduation gift. Kirsten's niece Riley and her best friend Megan are traveling with us to, wait for it....... CUBA!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are spending a week touring the Caribbean island that is still stuck in the 50's. Planning has not been easy with their limited internet access and they do not accept US money, so we are hiding Canadian dollars in every crack and crevice. Travel has only recently opened up for Americans to the island, so we are hoping to get the full taste of the culture before the Western timeshares take over the landscape.

We will not likely be able to update the blog daily, but as we find internet cafes to keep you abreast of our adventures. We have promised the girls' mothers we will keep them safe. Hopefully we can keep that promise.


27th May 2017

I was judging thinking about you two the other day. Have a great trip!
27th May 2017

Have a great time!! Fiesta!!

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