Day 7 - It's official - WE ARE BORED

Published: June 27th 2017
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Last full day in Cuban paradise with nothing to do. We had breakfast, back to the room, changed and lubed up for the beach. Everyone had some part on their body over-exposed to sun. But for the most part, we were all doing well. Kirsten leaned that we could walk to a private beach. We were up for one more adventure. We headed down the sand to find the private beach. It was a good walk and we even had to take to the ocean to get around a bunch of dead trees to take up the path again. There was one sign that had an arrow on it and the word “bar”. Sweet! Think again, this is Cuba and our expectations needed to remain low. It was a private beach, and there was an area that looked at one time to be the makings of a bar on the beach. There was a picnic table and an overhead structure. The not so private beach was found by a few others from the resort, so we didn’t really stick around for long. It was also getting close to 2 in the afternoon so we headed back to the resort for lunch.

Boring sandwiches and fighting off birds was our new normal when eating. Riley was still not happy about it. Her and Megan decide to brave out the heat inside the restaurant instead of fighting off birds. Back to the beach for sun and surf and sleep. That was our day. We made it back to our rooms around 5 to pack and get ready for dinner. The majors are chronic over-packers, so Kirsten utilized Riley’s extra space and is sending her home to Omaha with some clothes and other things. We are packed and should be able to carry on all our luggage!

Dinner was beef, and cheese and bread and strawberry ice cream. The majors actually had a drink but it was just a lame beer and crappy white wine. The minors wouldn’t even take a sip of the wine.

It is officially, we are totally bored. Spending 3 days on a private beach island seems amazing. But when all the activities they advertise are not really available and you really only have the beach, it will drive you mad. Kirsten and Chester even took part on taking the perfect picture of Riley and Megan. Even letting the re-pose a hundred times and didn’t care, because it killed more time. With glasses, without glasses, leg up, leg down….But do notice Kirsten and Chester photo bombing a few of them.

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