¡Mas Espanol en Habana Cuba!: A Short Jaunt to Improve our Spanish!

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January 24th 2011
Published: January 24th 2011
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Old Man visits Havana CemeteryOld Man visits Havana CemeteryOld Man visits Havana Cemetery

We're looking forward to the life stories that one encounters while travelling. This old gentleman visits his wife's memorial in the huge Havana cemetery that is the size of a small city.
In just 6 days, we'll be heading off to spend 3 weeks working on, and hopefully improving, our Spanish skills in a language school in central Havana ...

Last year at this time we had the good fortune to be in the high altitude surrounds of lovely Cusco, Peru, learning about Incan culture and studying Spanish. We learned an incredible amount of vocabulary and "verbos" and even tasted the delicacy Guinea Pig ("Cuy" en espanol)...we came to know some warm, generous, wonderful people whose lives have been spent entirely in the mountainous Andes...now it's time to move forward with additional practice in Spanish while enjoying the great architecture and culture of Cuba.

We've visited Cuba previously but we're hoping that in this 3 week sojourn that we can get a slightly better feel for the culture, food, and history and come to know a little bit about the lives and livelihoods of local residents of Havana. The small stories that make up everyday life in a chaotic and complicated world are what we love to encounter. We don't expect to duplicate our Cusco experience but we do anticipate that the Cubans will greet us with their own intelligence, resilience, and warmth.

Larry hopes to find someone who will provide some cooking lessons and demonstrate creative cuisine using Cuba's limited selection of ingredients...good thing we love rice and beans...maybe we'll uncover something muy rico that we never dreamed of 😊 Maureen's prime job is to keep Larry from getting us into too much trouble.😞

It's a short visit with its prime purpose to build on our Spanish language skills...escaping cool Canadian winter weather might be a slight benefit too!! Hope you can come and see Havana with us in this blog 😱


25th January 2011

Have a great time!
At least altitiude sickness won't be a problem. Neither will visiting eldest brothers!
26th January 2011

Oh Brother!
Hey, having a brother and his HAREM visit was great...we'd be happy to meet you in Havana ;-) Whaddya think!!
27th January 2011

This is my Green reply, green with envy, green to the gills as the flu bug has hit the school, not so green - the snow and slush, greenies - boogers and sneezes .....okay you get my point. Have fun you two (like you needed license to do that - I've seen your New Year's photos!)
28th January 2011

You Wear GREEN So Well!
Thanks for the best wishes Kathy...but this is going to be hard work!!...all of this continuing education takes a toll on our old minds...palm trees just make it that much harder to concentrate on the lessons! Meanwhile, embrace this wonderful Canadian winter ;-)
31st January 2011

On the road again.....
Hey L&M, The adventurous spirit obviously knocked at your door again. Great to hear you are challenging your language skills again AND escaping colder climes, all in one feel swoop. Just returning from 4 1/2 weeks in Australia where language was only a minimal problem, we understand the fondness for warmth, although we all appreciate some winter experiences. Ozzie language differences: Na worries How're you going'? Cos lettuce Rocket lettuce Capsicums TOOWEEZIE (too easy) Vegemite (yuck) aka Marmite in the UK Have fun. Our travel spirits are with you, The Evanovitchs
4th February 2011

We're waiting . . .
We're anxiously waiting to hear about your school and your adventures with the Cubans. Enjoy the warm weather. If you get tired of it, come visit Ontario. We have lots of snow and an extra shovel. How lucky is that?!
13th February 2011

So sorry you're having mucho nieve (snow) there...told you you should have come with us!! If it makes you feel any better we had lots of cloud and even some rain yesterday...
13th February 2011

G'day Mates
Thanks a lot...we're looking forward to hearing about all of your adventures too...

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