¿Hablas español? Un poquito... (Hoping to graduate to "Un poco" before I leave)

Published: May 27th 2013
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happy to be in a window seat
Everything went as smooth as silk on my travel day. Both my flights were on time. I had just enough layover time to catch my flight. Customs was a breeze. My bags made it to the other side. As promised, there was a person holding a sign with my name on it just outside the airport. And my host family is fantastic -- plus, they have wifi! I'd say I'm off to a great start!

Things definitely started to feel "real" when I stepped outside the airport, when two things immediately happened. First, the humidity started to work it's magic on my hair. Today wasn't that hot, but it's definitely tropical. I can't wait to see what more time here does to my curls (ok, let's be honest, frizz). Second, people were definitely speaking in Spanish first (English to help me along the process). The representative from the program I am working with who met me at the airport and the cab driver spoke exclusively in Spanish. Fortunately, they were both polite and animated enough that I could get by! My host mother, graciously, is framing our relationship as an opportunity for me to improve my Spanish and

I spy Costa Rica
her to brush up on English. Otherwise, if we were trying to stick with just Spanish, it'd be pretty boring conversation. I can only tell her that it's nice to meet her, that I'm from Chicago, that I am a psychologist, that I'm 32, and that I like traveling and dogs so many times before it gets a little old. 😊 I'm so relieved that she speaks English. She is relieved that I am not vegan (just vegetarian). 😊

In my host home, I have my own room. It's very clean and comfortable, and a lot of information was provided about getting around in Costa Rica (including some hilarious hygiene tips, see pic, haha). I enjoyed a homemade lunch and dinner prepared by my host mother -- complete with freshly squeezed lemonade from our lemon tree in the backyard (yum). They have a cat here, and I'm encouraged to feel very much at home.

Today was really a travel day. Outside of getting here, unpacking, and walking around the neighborhood, I haven't really gotten a chance to explore. But, after a good night's sleep tonight, I'll be ready to hit the streets!

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It was a major relief to see this sign!

My room with my host family.

living in the tropics...

Nino, host cat

Huge, different flowers. Loving it.

Yes, those are fried plantains. :)

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