San Jose

Published: September 5th 2011
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We went back to San Jose again to spend a few more days here befre we moved on to Nicaragua. The main reason for going back was for water raftng. Our friend Sebastian told us that we couldnt not go to San Jose and not got water rafting as the rivers are rated top 5 and number one in the country for rafting. So we booked our trip and apprehensively went on our tour. I was so nervous and excited to water raft as its something i have always wanted to do. And i was not disappointed. It was such an exhilarating experience and i enjoyed every minute of it. Our guide was amazing and he made the trip really fun and exccitning. It was us 5 girls and Sean in our boat with the guide and we had been told that some of the guides like to flip the group into the water however i think he went easy on us as we were all first timers. Suprisningly none of us gell out of the boat!!!Not even once which i am insanely proud of!I was certain that i would definatly fall out considering i am so mentally clumsy but my nerves of steel did me well and i stayed in the whole time. The views along the river were beautiful as we were surrounded by mountains, waterfalls and jungle the whole way. There were butterflys glying around us, huge birds fishing in the river, frogs hopping around the water bed and parrots flying up above. Usually this would terrify me as i am terrified of birds (and there was a tense moment or two with a few butterfkys) but it was all so stunning i felt amazed at the scenery around me. Some of the rapids were pretty scary and we had a close call when we got stuck in the middle of a rapid and began surfing over the waves but i would 100 percent do water rafting again. By the time we got back to San Jose we were all exhausted (from the 4 hour traffic jam in a torrential storm) and aching (from all the paddling) but it was our last night so we pushed ourselves out (the vodka really helped). We went to a club called Bochinche which was so much fun mainly due to the open bar and drag impersonators. There was an amazing drag show on stage with a Beyonce and J-Lo and they were brilliant. I even had a go on stage myself after one too many drinks and received a standing ovation (from what i can remeber) from the crowd of drunken revellers! Brilliant night!


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