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Published: August 19th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

Why is my pack so big?Why is my pack so big?Why is my pack so big?

Leaving the DFW metroplex
I made it to Costa Rica!!

Now, let's rewind all the way back to Dallas. Thanks must be given to my good friend Brandon Montgomery for picking me up and taking me to the airport. Not only that, but for the earbuds (which are awesome) as well as the checklist of things to run through before I left. One of the things he ran through was having a place to stay once I got here. Sheepishly, I grinned and admitted I had no idea when he asked me. It's not that I hadn't looked, however- it's because I "waited until later" to book and when I tried to reserve the hostel before leaving I found it was all sold out. Sold out for a random Thursday?! Tan loco I say! Either way, how many complaints can someone really have when they're traveling to Costa Rica for 10 days?

So off I went to the airport, figuring I'll 'deal with things as they come.' Well, for the DFW-FLL leg of the trip I'll admit I slept the whole way lol. It didn't hit me until I arrived at the Ft. Lauderdale airport that..."wait, I don't have a place to stay when I get there at 12:00am. So the frantic search for lodging began right there in the airport seat. Luckily, after only a few hostels, I was able to find one that had availability- "Nomads Hostel." While the reviews were sparse, I decided to check it out anyway. With little hesitation, I boarded the plane.

The plane had an interesting mix of people on it. I'd say about 40% were Ticos (as the native are affectionately called), 30% were gringos (many of them Ex-pats), and the rest I couldn't really the one individual that was being deported back to CR from FL! Always sparking up a conversation, I spoke with a few guys and learned a few interesting facts- where to go, where not to go, and the like. Did you know that 45% of CRs population lives in San Jose (the capital)? Additionally, many of the interesting things to see (outside of the volcanoes) are in the south closer to the equator. From the jungle (selva) to the marshland, all the tropical things can be found much farther down south.

Disembarking the plane, I decided that that was going to be my plan- ignoring the Caribbean side, the west and the south are going to be new destination. I think I'll stay in San Jose through tomorrow morning (checking the sites, the landmarks, and the local bars/clubs), and then head out somewhere else...probably the volcanoes.

Much to share manana! Buenas noches mis amigos y pura vida!


28th August 2011

Ahh, Costa Rica!
You know, Costa Rica is one of those places I've always wanted to visit. I don't think I'd be surprised if it turned out I wanted to leave there. Glad you found a hostel--the view looks pretty sweet! One of my favorite parts of international trips are the plane rides, which why I'm shocked you were asleep! Enjoy yourself. I'll be looking forward to more adventure in future posts!

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