Holy Crap it's hot!

Published: March 13th 2006
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What a difference it has been in weather from La fortuna out here on the coast! We made a stop in Monteverde, a town created by some quakers from Alabama in the '40s that wanted to avoid getting drafted. Very nice and expensive hotels around there. We went on a canopy tour where they fire you down steel cables across valleys...it was awesome, such a rush! We were en route to Montezuma on the bus and ended up in Putarenas, a tiny penninsula that used to be a major port about 10 years ago i think. Since then the port had moved and the town was needless to say "run down" I wouldn't walk around after dark there. We took the ferry and it took about 2 hours and we met Daniel, a guy from Switzerland touring around the entire country on a KTM enduro bike, makes me think I should do that if I ever come back here. After that we ended up in Montezuma, a small little surfing outpost that is really great, you can walk on the beaches and not see anyone for miles. The weather on the coast is probably around 35 degrees and needless to say I've been sweating like a pig! We'll be heading to Malpais tomorrow and see some more beaches. Well gotta run, there's plenty of sun and beer to be had!

The Saskies


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