Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio

Published: December 15th 2016
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This must-visit park is impressive - so many species easy to spot, including sloths, crocs, and maybe squirrel monkeys, if the American lady and her daughter didn't kill them all, though they were just feeding them bananas, and I idiotically took a half of one that they offered because the monkeys were so cute when they came and took it our of our hands, scampering a few branches away to eat in peace, when a man from the town humbly approached and asked us not to feed them anymore because bananas aren't indigenous to the area and the monkeys don't know to stop eating, so the villagers sometimes find them in the jungle, dead from diarrhea, and I nodded and felt a guilty ignorance, but after he left the lady said, "Hunh, he's just jealous," and continued to feed them, and I had a feeling then that I couldn't articulate at the time, from her defensiveness and and my unwillingness to say something further, but now I know what the feeling is, and someone needs to invent a word for it, or steal a german word for it - the feeling that our species is absolutely doomed.

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