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Published: July 16th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

Well, the last two weeks have been pretty slow. Did not end up writing anymore blogs because it was the same shit, different day. No point in repeating myself every single time. The only exciting things that happened are as follows:

*Saw a dead green turtle that washed up on shore. Poachers from the water shot it in the head and flipper but couldnt get to it in time because the coast guard busted their asses.

*Saw another poisonous snake, but couldnt identify it.

*I brought in a green turtle nest on monday morning, which was amazing to do. As of now we have 3 green nests at the hatchery.

*Got bit by a spider right between the toes, which made my foot swell up, so I couldnt walk straight for the day. Thank god Josh had some medicine.

*12 people left on monday, which left only 5 of us.

* 5 of the Dutchies left, which was sad, but will keep in touch with them for sure!!

*Saw a leatherback one evening that was just coming out from the ocean, then went straight back in, came out, and went back in.

I've been chosen to do exhumations from now until I leave the project. I have been doing it everyday almost. It is very interesting to see and think about why so many eggs are not hatching.

On a side note, I always anticipate Mondays and Thursdays just because new people come in, but then again, I loathe it because you make friends so quickly and they end up leaving in a week or two, and your left to think if you will ever see them again.

I still cant believe I have a week and a half left. Where has the time gone?? I am sort of ready to go home, but then again, I wouldnt mind staying a bit longer. If I had more time here in Costa Rica, I would go see the cloud forests, the volcanoes, the pacific, etc.


16th July 2010

Hey...we should go back to Costa Rica...I would go with you. Also that is really sad about the green turtle getting shot. People are so rude sometimes. The spider...that sucks...what kind of spider was it do you know? Yeah it is always sad to see people come and go, but at least you had the opportunity to get to know them right?
17th July 2010

dude...i am sooo ready to go back, we should go sometime over the summer....maybe in August when you finally come back from Maine.....I want to go really really bad!! It was a Golden Orb Spider

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