Published: February 11th 2010
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First visit : La SelvaFirst visit : La SelvaFirst visit : La Selva

I meant to write down the names of the trees, have to do so later
Visit One: Monday of this week. This is my last week here, and Gerardo asked his friend Rudolpho to take us on a tour for free. The only way they could do it was on his day off, so we thanked him repeatedly once we realized that that was the situation. We saw the labs and library, etc. and only a few minutes in the forest. I wanted to go back for a proper 3 hour tour of the rainforest.

Today, I went. Post more pix later, have to dash again. Tomorrow is my last day. I asked to please not go out as planned, but have choc. cake at lunch and NO SPEECHES. That way everyone can have some and not cost much.

Off to Minerva's. I am STARVING after hiking 3 hours in the forest this afternoon!

Fri morning early - to San Jose.

Additional photos below
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Ginormous cutter leaf ant colonlyGinormous cutter leaf ant colonly
Ginormous cutter leaf ant colonly

They get HUGE, and the leaves are brought underground to grow a particular fungus which is their food.
Outside fungusOutside fungus
Outside fungus

When the colony gets old or ready to break up, the fungus grows on the outside in the form of white mushrooms
More felting!More felting!
More felting!

Yesterday's final class, everyone madly felting away. One needle broke already. So will have to order more some day soon.
Even more than beforeEven more than before
Even more than before

It appears that word of felting fun is travelling fast, because a new lady came, plus a couple I hadn't seen in a while.

A new quieter pattern than on Fri last
Hilda makes a birdHilda makes a bird
Hilda makes a bird

by mixing the colours creatively
A busy fun afternoonA busy fun afternoon
A busy fun afternoon

was had by all. I even got to miss a staff meeting! I told the director early on that I am allergic to meetings.

26th November 2010

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