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October 10th 2010
Published: October 11th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

What a great weekend! Well minus the fact that the Canes lost pretty bad...

Saturday morning Miriam and I headed out close to 9:00am to check out the fresh fruit market. It was amazing! There were at least 2 miles of farmers set up in tents with every kind of fruit and/or vegetable you can think of! Miriam brought an extra "bolsa" with her to place the things we decided to purchase. We bought at least 30 pounds worth of vegetables and fruits. One of the main items Miriam wanted to buy was cauliflower. Of course I asked why and she began to explain the process of a typical Tico dish she wanted to show me for dinner. So I didn't question her anymore and we continued down the 2 mile trek.

After gathering all the veggies and fruits we thought we needed, Miriam thought best if we took a cab back to the house. I thought to myself, "Thank God!" and before you judge me it was only because I had offered to carry the giant 30, maybe even 40 pounds of purchased items and it was extremely hot outside! haha Not to gross anyone out but I was in a pretty nice sweat just walking to the fruit market so you could imagine what I looked like after hiking 2 miles with this bag on my back. haha

We dropped off our bags of goodies and headed out to Coffee Britt. That was hmm about another 20 minute walk in the beating down sun. Now I'm not trying to complain because the view was great, but I don't think anyone likes to profusely sweat when they're just trying to try some good coffee. haha Again not trying to gross anyone out. However, the plantation was beautiful! I've never been to a coffee plantation before so this was extremely interesting for me. Miriam gave me a great tour and explained to me how the coffee was picked and processed. She's a great tour guide! =) After the tour, we went into the store and restaurant for a nice refreshing beverage.

Side Note: Miriam has been taking in and hosting students for the past 14 years. Each student she has, she brings to Coffee Britt for a tour and tasting.

With this side note you'll now understand how we managed to get a free tour and free frozen coffee afterwards! =) And I managed to purchase some very nice goodies for Christmas gifts! =)

The morning with Miriam was great! When we got back to the house I decided to head to the pool for a swim to take advantage of the sun. After all I do need a tan...I'm starting to look extra white haha. The pool here is huge. A really nice 50 meter Olympic size pool. And it was packed on Saturday! You had your ladies sun tanning, men swimming laps, and about every other Tico tanning in a Brazilian speedo. Quite the site if you ask me. A bit different than the States eh?

In the afternoon I took the bus up to Tom's house to watch the UM vs. FSU football game. A couple I had met last weekend while at Tom's house were back for one more night. We had a wonderful dinner enjoying the game and company.

Overall I'd say it was a pretty good weekend! I'm looking forward to what this week brings me! =)
Until tomorrow.
Buenos noches!

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