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Published: July 12th 2011
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I return to reality via a bus that only reaches about three quarters of the way to my community from then onward a local has promised to pick me up. I get off when I see his car. He asks me how my trip went and I mention that we talked about bio-digestors he is totally on board and already knows how difficult it can be to get on the waiting list for government classes.. I tell him i'll look into it. I then outline my administrative tasks for the next month and a half he tells me that they are ridiculously large for the time I have. I acknowledge that but point out that they must be done he makes a better you them me face. He starts talking about bio-digestors again. I think hell we need pig and cow poo and we got tons of that ….. I tell him I will look into it he nods and we keep up a friendly conversation till we reach my place and he drops me off. I head inside and head to the shower realizing that I have sand everywhere maybe outside showers with the bathing suit still on is probably not the best way to clean yourself off.
Once out of the shower I turn on my laptop and connect the internet I then look up bio-digestors quickly finding a community based project decided to empower rural communities created by EARTH .. I download the videos showing it to my host uncle.
The next morning I call to my ride as he walks down the street telling him to come over later so I can show him the videos. He agrees so I get back to my list of things to research.. I go through them one at at a time (instead of my major multitasking four tabs at a time style that I usually employ) the first thing I look up is bandera azul an environmental education program for the local school.. then a course designed to create self esteem in girls I notice a sister program (that sounds weird) aimed at boys but it suggests having the course taught by a man... which I totally get I mean its kinda hard for a woman to teach boys how to be self valued men not impossible and done by many women but better if a man does it.. so a new counterpart is on my list of things to do..woopie
I then look up recycling info and take notes
my exercise class shows up we make it sweat for almost an hour before I am ready to pass out and I think they are too. I really need a shower like badly but instead I sit in my chair and watch top gear just to recover .. hilarious as ever.. then I bathe while listening to my new favorite Hawaiian radio station wondering why it comes from Vegas.. which leads me to think about the top gear scenes in Vegas heehaa....
I come out so fresh and so clean . Stashed my now dry yoga mat and prepared for the visit of my driver. He arrived right on time and I already had the streaming videos loaded he watched them while I watched him now that I had done the research I thought that it looked pretty easy and at a budgeted price of 120 dollars per house it seemed to be in reach of my community but I know like nothing about construction and pvc pipes so I might have been seriously mis-calculating. We get to the end and he nods saying he didn’t think it would be that easy and he is so in I suggest we take the list to the store and see if the budgeted prices are correct my host father mentions that if we form a group we will get a discount buying in bulk to much manly nods

my driver leaves and the mother of community liaison pops in and tells me that my liaison will be stopping by later.. I put all the info I found today into something relatively close to a professional style instead of my usual typed notes of half sentence and no particles (but not really) my phone chirps I look at it and its a message from Mr Surfer who will be now forever known as surfer dude as Mr surfer is way too professional sounding.. I blush like a school girl and respond before beginning to read the manual for the self-empowerment class I want to give the girls in my cell beeps again and I'm all happy till I see that its my internet bill so bummed again but keep reading... my hair drys and I set it free realizing that I have lost my beach curls I feel like crying... but laugh it off... its better then when I was in San Jose where I was buying all those creams for like ten dollars a bottle to put curls in my hair for like two hours before they collapsed and heaven forbid they get wet but I digress.. it begins to rain at like 3 and I realize that my liaison isn't coming ohh well... the important works done I divide my pending work into lists based on who I have to work with. Making three; the school teacher, the woman’s group and the community in general and put my stuff away. I look at my facebook page and realize that I have made ten posts since I woke up this morning and I am not done yet … I laugh I am becoming a facebook junkie least i'm not home everyday. I finish my day watching the costa rica – argentina game but kinda bummed my novela got pre-empted
then i find out that my horoscope says i need a vacation ohh brother


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