A Day In Turrialba

Published: February 7th 2010
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We left Orosi in the morning and headed to Turrialba. We used the schools shuttle driver, and were able to practice our spanish a bit. After the serene, and queit town of Orosi, Turrialba was a bit intense - as its a bigger city and transportation hub. White water rafting is the most popular thing to do in the area, but we decided to spend the day at the Guayabo Archelogical Monument. The National Park is about 20 km outside of town, and is the most important archeological site in the country. We took at taxi to the park, and had our cab driver wait for us, which was convenient and we were mostly able to do in Spanish! Excavations have uncovered advanced infrastructure and petroglyphs, pottery and gold artifacts. There is also an aquaduct system with cisterns. It uses huge stones that were hauled from a river about 8km away. The cisterns still work. It is believed that the ruins were an important cultural, religous and political center - but their are no written documents that have been recovered. It was a sunny warm day, and we had a nice walk through the trails and around the site. We were able to see some birds and insects, but not much else wildlife.

After we got back to Turrialba, we walked around the Parque Central and got a feel for the town and we were also able to see Volcan Turrialba errupting. It has been spewing ash since right before Christmas. We decided to make it a mellow and early night, as we departed early in the morning for the Sloth Sanctuary....

Pura Vida!!!

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7th February 2010

Your pictures really give a good feel of the area. Can only imagine how it feels when you're actually surrounded by the history. Can't wait to see the residents of the "Preserve".
8th February 2010

I would love to be at archeological site,when they fine a different people. What they were like, how they live. Sounds so exciding.

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