2nd Easter in Costa Rica

Published: April 8th 2007
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Mmmmm yummy!Mmmmm yummy!Mmmmm yummy!

Callista eating her banana split.
Ah, we're well into our second year now and experiencing everything in a whole new light. We aren't new here anymore. Our routines and habits are more settled than last years time of travel. Easter this year isn't a big deal at all for us as we aren't religious. To the locals, a predominately Catholic society, Easter is not a commercial holiday like it is in the states. Easter is about Jesus not Easter baskets and chocolate bunnies. I like that.

Callista wasn't expecting today to be different than any other Sunday. We did buy her a couple of chocolate eggs. The eggs aren't really an Easter treat, they happen to be her favorite everyday treat. When she does something good, she gets an egg. If we want to tell her we love her just because, we give her an egg. These eggs are like the Nestle Wonder Balls we used to buy in the states, chocolate with a surprise inside. She loves them!

We did have a hunt of sorts. I decorated wooden beads and hid them around her room while she watched cartoons. She was completly surprised. It was really fun to see Bill get into the action as well. Hide the beads is something we can play anytime.

Easter this year has been a peaceful, quiet day for us. Not a commercial holiday at all. No pressure to find a ham or plastic eggs. We spent a couple of hours in the central park and came home to watch the Masters Golf Tournament. We'll be cooking a pork roast instead of a ham simply because it's what Bill took out of the freezer, not because it's Easter.

As I'm writing this I'm thinking how nice it is to not feel the pressure to celebrate something because Hallmark or society says you must. Callista's friends won't be getting baskets so she doesn't feel she's missing out on anything.

I love this country and our new lives.

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Perro BravoPerro Bravo
Perro Bravo

Bear at the park with the hotdog store in the back ground. Good hotdogs but be prepared for a long wait.

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