On the Weather in Costa Rica, and More

Published: November 30th 2006
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Sunset in San RamonSunset in San RamonSunset in San Ramon

When I first moved here, I didn't realize that San Ramon had ocean views in the area and I also didn't realize just how spectacular the sunsets were. Well, here you go!
I’d like to think I’m right about a lot of things but the weather isn’t one of them. In my last blog entry I confidently stated that I thought the dry season was here because some strong winds had blown away the rain and it was sunny for a few days. Well, was I wrong about that. Before my dirt road could even dry the clouds rolled back in along with mist and light rain—and it’s been that way for several days now.

I know the dry season will come, I’m just not sure when! Perhaps early December? Maybe around Christmas time? It’s all a game with Mother Nature! She knows I want it to be warm sunny here, and NOW, particularly so I can chide my friends in the northeastern U.S., but she knows I want it bad and she’s not cooperating yet. Well, at I do know it will be the dry season before long!

On Gardening….

And, before long I’ll start re-planting our vegetable garden! I’m told by friends who are better at gardens then I am that most anything will grow here. Finally, after living here for quite some time I’m going to make
View at the Magallanes area of San RamonView at the Magallanes area of San RamonView at the Magallanes area of San Ramon

Sunset theme for this blog!
a signficant push to have a really good garden. Equally important, I’m also going to utilize the greenhouse that came with the property when we bought it. Up until now it largely served as an extra storage bodega. So, this year, I’m going to experiment and try new plants. I’m not sure what I’ll grow yet but since I do not cook very often (except for breakfast), I’m certain my neighbors will benefit from my creation!

One of the things I’ve discovered about myself in getting my garden ready for planting this season, along with tending to the chickens and delighting at their daily bounty, is that I actually like seeing things created from nature and using them for good purposes. My friends back in the states would be shocked by this statement considering they all think that I’m “an indoors kind of guy,” but I guess Costa Rica just changes a person. You cannot help changing here particularly because you are almost forced to be outside a lot and one cannot help enjoying the natural beauty here, even when its raining. I guess if “being forced” outside is a price I have to pay for living here, I’ll
Another view of the Magallanes area of San RamonAnother view of the Magallanes area of San RamonAnother view of the Magallanes area of San Ramon

I'm convinced this is the best part of the San Ramon area! I just love the mountains!
take my lumps in good stride for sure!

On Parties….

We had what is becoming our annual “Thanksgiving Day” party last week here at the B&B. I will post pictures soon. Having neighbors and friends over for a big bash is definitely the best way to spend time here and the B&B often serves as the “community center” for the neighborhood.

In my usual manner, I had a ton of help preparing for the party. Actually, “help” is a misnomer really. MaryEllen cooked two turkeys (I did buy them though!), my friend Andrew made deviled eggs and stuffing. Mary made potatoes au gratin, Preston and Mike brought all the beer and wine, Franchesca brought lasagna, and so on. I know I’m foretting many people and many dishes, but here at the relevant statistics:

Number of Turkeys: 2
Number of side dishes: 15
Number of appetizers: 5
Number of desserts: 8
Number of beers consumed: 54
Number of bottles of wine consumed: 15
Number of cars in front of my house: 15+
The weather: mist and miraculously clear around sunset!
Number of people getting out of hand: none
People in Attendance: 46
Number of attendees who had fun: 50 (I added in two workers who were here at the time plus my dogs, Reina and Osita—they love turkey by the way!)
Countries represented: Costa Rica, US, Canada, Belgium, Holland, Cuba, Mexico

This year we also had people from other towns including Grecia and Atenas as we invited some of our “Boomers in Costa Rica Tours” business colleagues. This party got so large that I’m not even sure I was able to talk with everyone! The next party will definitely be a smaller affair; maybe I’ll cook my famous greek lasagna dish!

On preparing for Christmas…..

I actually will not be in Costa Rica this Christmas unfortunately. I’ll be in….I’ll tell you from “there” in my next blog entry. In any event, getting ready for Christmas here is definitely different somehow than in the states. There is certainly commercialism here but it is definitely not as “in your face” as it is in the United States. Like the U.S., Costa Rican businesses put their Christmas goods out early, very early in face. Pricesmart, the large Costco/Walmart/Sam’s Club type store had its holiday inventory out in September! All of the stores in downtown San Ramon are decorated—and I do mean every store—but you don’t feel as though it is Christmas. You don’t see the rush of people around town the gift packages in their arms or most obviously, people with gloves and scarves. I must admit I miss a bit of that, particularly in New York around the holidays. Seeing the window displays at Macy’s and Bloomindale’s, watching the skaters near Central Park and all of that. However, I don’t miss the cold weather. Again, it’s different here but I suppose with good friends and/or family around, it is Christmas no matter where you are.

We’ll be putting up our tree soon. I had wanted to “trim the tree” during our Thanksgiving party and was going to buy an artificial tree but two things stopped me: First, artificial trees are expensive here; they cost about $120 for a decent-sized one! So, if you are moving here and have a tree, ship it with your other stuff! Second, I really don’t like artificial trees. Growing up, we always had a live tree and I’m not going change that this year. Therefore, this weekend we’ll go out and find a nice live tree, one we can replant,
Looking down the quiet roadLooking down the quiet roadLooking down the quiet road

I took this picture recently on a decent day, looking down the road from the B&B
and hopefully it’ll be bigger than Charlie Brown’s tree! Out of all the ornaments I own—all from my parents after they died—I’m most looking forward to putting on the tree my wooden gingerbread man that I painted (and went well outside the lines!) when I was eight years old.

On blog comments….

It is so much fun to see people commenting on my blog, even if they aren’t always nice. It’s just good to know people from all over the world are reading this. On my last blog entry (http://www.travelblog.org/Central-America-Caribbean/Costa-Rica/San-Ramon/blog-104492.html), I had the following comment from Sam, location unknown:

“I just found your blog today and have spent far too much time reading your entries from the beginning. My wife and I live in Indianapolis and are coming to CR in January to look over building sites. I tried to do this in northern Chile but the marketing infrastructure just isn't there to make the process of purchasing land feasible, at least for us. I travelled to Chile, hired a consultant when I returned and lost at least a year chasing down property leads there. I thought CR was out of our price range until I investigated. Your writings are a great find for people like us who are trying to get a sense of what life is like in CR, the good, the bad and the ugly. We will be building a vacation home and spend three to four months a year somewhere near the Pacific coast. I think our approach will be much more realistic having benefited from your evaluation of the country and its people. Thanks for sharing your insights. We will make an attempt to visit you when we visit early this January and we'll try to remember to bring treats for the dogs! Sam”

Comments like these make 168 pages of writing and 62 blog entries worth every minute I’ve spent on it!

And finally, on ….

I cannot help but share this website I found recently. It’s not because I know these people, endorse their product, or any other such thing. I just think the name of their development is hysterical! This planned community is actually called, “The Color of the Money Estates!” For about $85,000 (land only), you can live here! Check it out: http://www.thecolorofthemoney.com/.

It will be sometime in mid-December before I pen another blog entry as I’m heading out of the country for a bit soon. Details on that in my next blog. Thanks for reading and your insightful, terrific, kind, and even critical comments!

Pura Vida!

www.AngelValleyFarmBandB.com (the B&B!)
www.BoomersInCostaRica.com (4-day/3 night relocation/retirement tour!)
www.CostaRicaRealEstate.typepad.com (Boomers in Costa Rica blog!)


30th November 2006

Can't Wait
Andrew Thanks so much for the pictures of Magallanes, We bought Ben's A-Frame when we were down there in October,and that River runs alongside it. We made it out to your bar-b-que with the new grill, but had to leave early to get back to San Jose for our flight. Our house is up for sale in Fl and we'll be there ASAP after that happens.
30th November 2006

beautiful sunset!
Wow...I never knew the Central Valley had such beautiful land...WITH OCEAN VIEWS? Your blog as usual is very informative. My wife and I will have to make a trip down there to see Magallanes for ourselves. Thanks again!

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