First Weekend on Statia


To celebrate surviving my first week on the island, we (Caroline, Micah, Mariel and I) went for a night on the town. A night on the town is quit different here in comparison to San Francisco. There are only a couple of restaurants and they are almost all Chinese food. It's weird. We went out to Sonny's for Chinese food and I hate to say it but it was the worst Chinese food I have ever had. Almost everyone we were with had the lemon chicken and say it's really the best and only thing to order, but being a vegetarian I could only get fried rice. I wasn't too disappointed because I didn't get my hopes up and I am not a big fan of Chinese food anyways...but I do wish I brought a pb and j sandwich in my bag.
From dinner we stopped at a bar run by one Chinese man. This meant he was running around as the server, cook, bartender ....everything. Though there were only a few other people in the bar, he was running around stressed almost the whole time. I was told that if you come in with 3 people or more that you
Caroline at Chucky'sCaroline at Chucky'sCaroline at Chucky's

Try and check out the great posters on the wall behind her!
should expect to wait for at least 2 hours for your food. One of the best parts of this place was the 90's beer posters all over the wall. I hope you can see them in the pictures because it was all Baywatch and Budweiser models. Our final stop was "Smoke Alley" which is where, no joke, everyone on the island that is between 18-40 came at midnight. There was some dancing and Mariel and Micah jumped into the ocean after they closed.

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Caroline, me and MarielCaroline, me and Mariel
Caroline, me and Mariel

our first night out together
Mariel and BanditMariel and Bandit
Mariel and Bandit

Bandit is a local who is everywhere...anytime you turn around there he is..and he seems to hold like every job in town... like kirk from Gilmore Girls
At Smoke AlleyAt Smoke Alley
At Smoke Alley

one dirty, smelly, happy family

20th May 2009

I can see you are hard at work...
Is this job all work and no play or the opposite? You seem to find friends and night life even on this small island. Just as long as you are thriving and enjoying your job, your outdoor living and people you work with I would say you have made a good choice to set off on this adventure. I love checking into your blog and seeing your cheerful face. missing you here andsending you lots of love Jen. xxx Granny
20th May 2009

Too Cute!
Hey Jen! It looks like you are having a great time! Are these pictures of your new housies? Toats cute! We miss you. Can't wait to visit!
29th May 2009

yaaa Gilmore Girls forever!

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