The Caribbean

Published: April 10th 2008
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Our bus took us to the capital of Belize, Belmopan, as we weren't planning on staying here we quickly found out the bus times for the coast and went for some lunch. For those that don't know, Belize used to be part of Guatemala but was then taken by the English a couple of hundred years ago. The majority of the population are Spanish speaking native americans but they also have a high percentage of Garifunas, who are basically english speaking people of African decent that weren't brought as slaves but came of they're own free will.

So anyway, we jumped on the bus for Placencia, a small beach town that was recomended by an American couple we met on the last bus ride, and we set of. I was quite pleased by the bus drivers choice of music, Bob Marley of course, and it wouldn't be the last time we heard him here. We arrived in Placencia aroung 7 or 8pm and it was already dark. As we were walking around looking for a place to stay we were approached by a young black guy with a bit of a limp, he introduced himself as the encyclopedia of hotels in Placencia and offered to bring us to a decent one. As most of the ones we checked were already full we decided to follow him and he took us to a lovely little spot were we rented an apartment complete with a kitchen with a fridge and cooker, a bathroom, and a balcony with our own hammock. Our walking encyclopedia later explained that his limp was caused by an alergic reaction to an ant bite, nasty little buggers! So we settled in and headed out for dinner.

Placencia is basically a little peninsula totally made of sand, there's one road that runs to the tip with no side streets, and one walk way running parallel up the other side of the peninsula. The next day with a bit of sunlight we went to explore. The majority of the population here seemed to be Garifuna and everybody speaks English with a Jamaican accent. Lots of people were sitting about with dreads listening to Bob Marley and other reggae and it gave everything a very caribbean feel, I loved everything about it.

We spent five days here, chilling out on the beach mostly, but it was exactly what I needed! I even climbed up a coconut tree and got us a couple of fresh cocos. After watching the kids from the orphanage climb them I knew exactly how to do it, but when it came to opening it I was nowhere near as good as the kids, in the end I had to borrow a machete off our landlord Stan, a large black guy from L.A., (great guy) and chopped my way to lunch.

Next plan, catch a boat back down to Livingston in Guatemala!

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12th April 2008

I agree!
Hi Matt, I have to agree with everyone else on here, you definitely have a knack for writting! you should maybe think about going for a career in it. Loving the next installments of your trip. Im glad to hear you are having such a good time. Did youz do anything nice for your birthday? Think im gonna have to combine my birthday party with my engagement dinner....haven't really been out with my friends to celebrate yet, and you know what its like trying to get a group together for anything. Anyway, keep up the exploring and writting, love reading about it all. Nxx
14th April 2008

Sounds great Matt!
Alright m8, hope u are well; u seem to be really enjoying the experience!! Some really class pics....looks like paradise!! I agree with the others.....u should take up writing!! Well enjoy nd keep the entries coming so we can all be green with envy!! Rubber ducky over nd out!

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