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Published: July 2nd 2006
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Belize beautyBelize beautyBelize beauty

Vacation Bible School in Belmopan.
Back for the 2nd time in Belize. It's been great, reuniting with the staff. I've only known them a short time but it already feels like they are life-long friends. We've been setting up the past couple of days for the trip coming in today. There are 126 people coming from Houston. It's gonna be crazy & amazing! We'll be staying in Belmopan, the nation's capital, with only 2 restaurants! Beans & rice, here we come!

So...the trip was awesome! Very different from our other trips, but still great! We did mostly logistics...not much "leading." They had plenty of their own staff so we basically had to make sure everything was set up & running smoothly. The 126 people stayed in a highschool, on the floor. They brough air mattresses. There were only 6 toilets & 4 showers for everyone! For boys & girls! For the first 2 days the toilets weren't working well...& guess who had to work on that??...PPM Staff!! Not very pleasant. But it got better. The main thing was to keep these kids full...feeding for 126 people is not an easy task. Poor Inez...she's a local that took on the horrific task of feeding them. I
Playing in Cotten Tree VillagePlaying in Cotten Tree VillagePlaying in Cotten Tree Village

The kids had so much energy! They wanted to play ALL day!
think she realized she was in for more than she could handle. Bless her heart, she got the idea after the first couple of meals.

All in all, everything was pretty smooth. We had plenty of work for them to do & they were hard workers! We as staff didn't get to bond with them, of course I didn't get ALL of their names, toward the end of the trip I was still seeing new faces & thinking 'are they on this trip?' Not good. It was a lot of work, by the end of the week we were exhausted. But, no time to rest, the day we left this team we had to welcome a brand new team & give them the mission trip of their life! We're here to serve!

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Get this...head & tail of a huge rat & body of a cat. They call it a 'squash' & people actually have them as pets...GROSS!
Goofing OffGoofing Off
Goofing Off

The kids go crazy during VBS. Mostly they just want to be hugged & loved on.

9th July 2006

I cant even belize it!!!
Hey brit--so fun to see your pictures and hear how you are doing! cody (my new husband) and i just got back from our cruise today and we definatley were in belize for a day! it was beautiful and we both would love to go back some day to really see it, but thought of you and wanted you to know i am praying for you! love you
23rd July 2006

It is okay that I call you that, right? I love BJ, almost want to name one of my kids, if and when they ever come, with those initials so that I can call them that. Hey, Mikey hooked you up to our blog, so now I'll get to check in with you all the time! So glad and proud to call you friend, can't wait to continue to minister with you!! Blessings as you continue; Mike and I will be praying for you!! Much love!

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