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Published: December 18th 2012
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On July 12, 2012, The Garrison in Barbados was named an UNESCO World Heritage Site. That’s pretty cool in and of itself, but this World Heritage Site has the added attraction of horse racing. History lessons would have been a lotmore fun if they had taken place at the track.

And make no mistake; there is some interesting history here at The Garrison, including the George Washington House, home to the first president of the United States in his only foray outside the US. See George Washington Slept Here

But today I have come for the racing. I try to make the Diamonds International Races on Boxing Day every year, but this year I arrived on the island early enough to make the Christmas Season Race Day. The Christmas Season Race Day is a much calmer event, with eight races featuring cutesy names such as “The Jingle Bells Handicap” and “The Mrs. Claus Condition Race,” the latter for fillies only.

It is an absolutely beautiful day, with a friendly crowd, and a fair amount of kids happily running around (and no whining!) The gentleman standing next to me asked who I liked in the first race. “Proud Bajan,” I replied. Since he liked a different horse, he proceeded to tell me all the reasons why I was wrong. Now, I learned how to read a racing form (mumble, mumble) years ago, but I let him tell me how I was missing the finer points, and how his horse was a much better pick.

After I won the first race – and the second – and he didn’t, he stopped trying to help me.

The big upset came in the seventh race when Aristodemus won by eight and half lengths, trouncing the favorite who came in dead last. I watched seven races, bet on five, came in in the money on all five. It was a very good day.

Additional photos below
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Barbados FinestBarbados Finest
Barbados Finest

Members of the police force watching the crowd (and the race.)
Historic cannonHistoric cannon
Historic cannon

The Garrison is also home to an outdoor museum of cannon.
Future jockeyFuture jockey
Future jockey

This little boy pretended the cannon was his race mount.

This horse did not want to enter the gate.

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