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24th July 2011

No doubt you know how to live your life!
20th June 2011

Very cool
I've always wanted to have breakfast in one country, lunch in another and dinner in a third. Sounds like you have done it and stopped to have a look around in Liechtenstein. I enjoyed your perspective on the castle.
26th April 2011
Upside-down Norway

what a stunning photo ;-) well done ;-)
16th December 2010

The Balkans with kids!!
I've travelled through the Balkans without kids and it can be a challenge for an adult, I'm very impressed you guys have managed it with 2 little ones! http://jh-itsmylife.blogspot.com/
13th September 2010

Your blog is CHARMING! Both text & pictures are interesting and fascinating. Eagerly awaiting next update.
13th September 2010

Great post- very thought provoking
You really got me thinking with this one- not an easy feat these days. War and peace, sieges and bypassing them, what makes you remember and what makes you forget. Hmm. Sounds like this might be the part of the trip you will remember the most. But then again, you guys have so many of these trips under your belt, that I really don't know. BTW, did you fix your old camera, or did it fix itself?
8th September 2010

היי גיתי התמונה של ארבעתכם במסגרת החלון מסמלת בעיני את ההווי המשפחתי הכל כך ייחודי שלכם - Been there !!!! absukotely !!! שמחתי לקרוא איזו חגיגה של כיך ויחד המסע הזה עבורכם ואני מבטיחה להזכיר לך לקרוא את הבלוג כשיגיע זמנה של חל"ד שלישית.... נשיקות שנה נהדרת לכולכם ולכולנו !!!!
8th September 2010

Thank you for sharing
Our own little bundle of joy is due next week and we have been planning a trip round the South Island of New Zealand with him/her. Friends alternate between saying we are crazy and have no idea what we are letting ourselves in for and being jealous that we have the opportunity to be able to do this. Its great to read another persons feelings on travelling with little ones, how rewarding it is. For us it will be a different style of travel than we are used to, but are hoping it will open more opportunities than close doors.
8th September 2010

you are great
Love and kisses
8th September 2010

Love it!
I really enjoyed reading this entry. What a beautiful family! And good job on the breastfeeding. It can be really hard to find private places if you're unsure of customs. Thanks for losing sleep to write this!
7th September 2010

We love your inspiring blog entries. They give us more than a glimpse at the beautiful places you are visiting and the wonderful experiences you accumulate. We admire your courage and creativity.
7th September 2010

Wow, what a blog!
Hagit, that's a great post! You write so well, and so frankly. You guys are inspiring, no less! Keep having fun with your 3 kids ;-) Cheers, Ohados
7th September 2010

Beautiful and inspiring
Shanah Tova!
31st August 2010

Amazing! I'm speechless, and I'm really never speechless... Oren
31st August 2010

Interesting Trip
Greetings from Miami.....I travel often with my now 5 year old daughter, and we may travel in some of the countries you are in now in the near future. It is great to learn about your trip. Safe travels and have a great time. My daughters site is mytb.org/throughmyeyes
30th August 2010

re: how old are your two kids?
Ariel is only 3 months old :) Liya is 3 years old. read about our travels with Liya when she was 1 and 2 years to Turkey and Norway. we are planing to write about traveling with 2 children in our next entry
30th August 2010

how old are your two kids?
hi,I‘m Shirley from China. Besides the beautiful scienic view, I'm deeply impressed by your kids especially the younger one. I guess he is only about 10 monthes,right? I have a baby boy just 13 monthes, and we are wondering whether we take him with us or not in the next trip to Europe. Maybe you'd like to give me some good advice. Your reply will be greatly appreciated. Yours Shirley
30th August 2010

חגית , אמי רואה את התמונות ופשוט לא מאמינה שזו את כל הכבוד לך!!!! תהנו
27th August 2010

Nice family advenure
I liked this description of a young couple and their child walking in the mountains ; there is such a lot of macho around , or femino here was a young family enjoying a special place together .
16th August 2010

What will you do next?
From 1 year to 3 months, I guess the next baby will be born on the plane to Germany or something like that, right? Nice going, and keep up the updates- the pictures are great, especially for those of us who are home-bound ;) PS nice teddy suit- where did you get it?
14th August 2010

you are an inspiration
go go go!!! amazing family and amazing scenery :):) looks like you are all having a really good time... i envy you all! the fears are not worth it, in a couple of hours (for some of us) or days (for others) if all fades away and what is left is pure joy and memories for life... enjoy EVERY minute... !!! yael
7th August 2010

Hi there. You've convinced me to go! But can I ask what year you went in? I've got a horrible feeling you went at least a decade ago and now its very different... fingers crossed you went recently or it still has the magic :)
6th August 2010

i had followed yer blog back when u were traveling on yer honeymoon n now i stumbled on yer blog again & so glad to see u got a baby!! congrats!! check out blogger "Throughmyeyes".

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