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Asia » China » Guizhou » Zhaoxing April 21st 2012

Once arriving at Zhaoxing I put my backpack in my room and had a look around this large Dong minority village which contains 5 drum towers as well as numerous wooden bridges. It has a wonderful setting at the base of a valley surrounded by many farming terraces. It has quite a few hotels located in the traditional three storey wooden buildings but surprisingly few tourists. Whilst I was in town I only saw a handful of foreign tourists and only small groups of Chinese tourists. There were also quite a few tourist restaurants as well as a lot of local eateries all selling good food. The tourist side of things was kept very low key and the locals just went about their business as if we weren't there. The other thing I liked about the ... read more

Asia » China » Guangxi » Chengyang April 17th 2012

Last thursday morning I left my hotel in Ping An very early and walked down the hill in the rain to the carpark to catch the bus to Longsheng. The bus was on time but we had to wait about 30 minutes for some passengers that had been at a large wedding in town and were a little late getting up. It was an enjoyable 40 minute trip and the guy I had been sitting next to showed me the bus to get on for Sanjiang. We left right away and it took only an hour and a half to arrive at the Sanjiang bus station. A couple of the things I have noticed in China is the number of bridges they have, and also how much cement is being used for government works as well ... read more
View of Chengyang
Chengyang - Drum tower in town square
Chengyang - Water wheel

Asia » China » Guangxi » Longji Rice Terraces April 11th 2012

Our bus to Ping An left Yangshuo just before 8am and about 3 hours later we changed to a smaller bus which stopped at a small village so we could have a look at some longhaired women. This place was very touristy with all the ladies from the village trying to sell us souvenirs and charging people to take their photo. Also, besides our busload of mostly Chinese tourists there must have been about 5 more buses full of tourists at the village as well. After wandering around for 10 minutes they ushered us into a large building where we sat through a short but entertaining cultural show. The length of the ladies hair was impressive, almost reaching the ground. From here it was back on the bus where we drove along a pretty river before ... read more
Longhaired women - Huang Luo
Chinese tourist - Ping An

Asia » China » Guangxi » Yangshuo April 7th 2012

My flight to Guangzhou went fine and I arrived about 8pm. After asking a few people I hopped on the right bus to take me into the city, and from the bus station I caught a taxi the last couple of kilometres to my hostel. The hostel was very modern with drinks and food available, and my 6 bed dorm room was fine. I also liked the location, just a short 8 cent ferry ride across the river to Shamien Island and a 15 cent ferry ride to the main part of town. On my first full day I just walked around the city area and Shamien Island. It was a pleasure watching the older people enjoying themselves in the park, dancing, singing, and exercising. The following day I caught the impressive underground to a large ... read more
Old Man near Baixa
Old Fuli Town

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman March 29th 2012

After a very pleasant 2 and a half weeks back in Australia visiting family and friends I caught a flight yet again to Malaysia. I arrived early in the morning, caught the bus into KL and then made my way to Bukit Bintang and found some accommodation. I had a quick shower and then caught a taxi to the Chinese visa centre to apply for a tourist visa. After a bit of confusion I eventually lodged my application and was told to return the following morning for an interview. The next morning I arrived early and after a 1 minute, 2 question interview I was told to come back a few days later to pick up my passport hopefullly with a 90 day visa in it. Seeing it was still early in the morning I decided ... read more
Beach on the way to Berjaya Resort
Jan and Vale on the dive boat

Asia » Laos » South » Champasak March 3rd 2012

Jan and I caught a small tourist bus from Pakse to the small town of Ban Nakasang where we hopped on a boat for the short but scenic trip to Don Khon, one of the more touristy of the four thousand islands. We checked out a few of the guesthouses along the riverbank before settling on one with an attached restaurant, hammocks, and a nice view across the water to Don Det. We stayed a total of 5 nights here doing a few small things here and there, but generally spent most of the time just lying in the hammocks or on the comfortable benches in the restaurant. Unfortunately I had bedbugs the first night, changed rooms the next day where I think I brought them with me into the new room. I liked the place ... read more
The impressive Khon Phapheng Falls
Wat Phu Champasak
Looking over the river to Don Det

Asia » Laos » South » Pakse February 12th 2012

On friday morning about 8.30am Jan and I headed down to the Green Discovery office in Pakse to begin our 2 day Treetop Adventure. We were joined by three french tourists and then we all hopped in a minivan and headed to the Bolevan Plateau town of Paksong before turning down a dirt sideroad for about 20 minutes to a very small village. We then got fitted out with our gear, had a drink, and started our trek to the ziplines. After just over an hour, a couple of log bridges, and a swing bridge we arrived at a small waterfall where we had lunch. After a short walk we came to our first zipline where our guide Ting, explained the safety aspects and how to use our little wooden stick as a break. The first ... read more
Being lowered from a platform
Ziplining out from our treehouse in the morning
Jan relaxing on the deck area

Asia » Laos » South » Bolaven Plateau February 10th 2012

The first thing we did in Pakse after finding some accommodation was to go to the Green Discovery office to put our names down for the 2 day Treetop Adventure starting on the 10th. We hoped that a couple more people would put their names down by the time we got back from our 4 day motorbike trip to make the price more affordable. We then had dinner and organised a couple of nice Honda bikes for $6.50 a day each for the next 4 days. We left early the following day and after riding about 40 km stopped at Phasoume Waterfall to take a few photos, check out the small cultural village, and have a short walk around the area. After that we rode another 40 km or so before turning off and riding up ... read more
A young girl near Suong waterfall
Jan going for a dip in Hang Waterfall - Tat Lo
Dead lizards and squirrels and Sekong market

Asia » Laos » South » Tha Khaek February 5th 2012

I spent last friday in Tha Khaek looking for a decent motorbike to do the loop with, and hoping to find a couple of people to join me. I had a motorcycle rental place recommended by a guy at a nearby restaurant, but when I turned up the following morning they told me they had no motorbikes left. Also I didn't find any other tourists setting off the same day, so I decided that I would start off alone and surely find somebody that first night at whatever guesthouse I stop at. I hired a small Korean/Laos motorbike from the guesthouse I was staying at, and set off about 9.30am on saturday morning. The "loop" is a 400 km plus circuit to the northeast of Tha Khaek notorious for over 100 kms of very bad roads ... read more
Scenery on 1st day
Scenery on 1st day
My bike getting fixed

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Rai January 26th 2012

The first thing I noticed about Chiang Rai was that it was a lot bigger than I thought it would be. I expected it to be a small to medium sized town but it is quite large and businesses along the highway stretch for quite a few kilometres. I stayed in the guesthouse area of town for 5 days and I found it very peaceful with a laidback atmosphere. There is a simple restaurant ran by an older woman nearby that serves up a very nice massmun curry with rice for $2. So I ended up eating there quite often. The first night in town I ran into Bjorn and Ellen from Belgium who I had met and traveled with a couple of weeks earlier in Laos. The following night while I was eating at the ... read more
Clock tower - Chiang Rai
White Temple
Black Temple

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