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13th January 2013

can you send some here please. now you know what your Dad was talking about with monsoons
2nd January 2013
Notre Dame Cathedral

good morning vietnam
hey love the photos and chit chat, it sounds such a wonderful experience. did you get to visit Notre Dame Cathedral, i guess there is so much to see and do. am going to show these to ken tonight.
4th July 2011

@Sue Ellen - I probably should clarify that the 'small gift' was not sent to anyone in Australia. Sorry guys!
2nd July 2011

Keep up the blogs. I've enjoyed reading about all of you experiences.
2nd July 2011

Makes you realise that physical possessions don't make people happy, it's the relationships people have with others that do. But it definitely shows the contrast in standards of living that people throughout the world have.
2nd July 2011

It sounds like you're having such a good time. The 'Evening' photo looks like a painting...perfectly framed!
2nd July 2011

I hope you realise that now everyone in Australia who reads this blog is thinking that they're the person who's about to receive the small gift you sent. I'll be checking my mailbox daily!
1st July 2011

A concert
good show with good photos......
1st July 2011

Great photos Michelle!
30th June 2011

Yeah Suzy, I couldn't bear the idea of eating the egg duck baby. Sophall and Adono are normally sized. Menus were giant! Lovely to hear from you!
30th June 2011

Egg duck baby? I'm glad it was Sophall and not you. And those menus. Are they really that big or are Sophall and Adono tiny midgets?
29th June 2011

Michelle your photos look great. I love how you've named all of them. Freedom, Vying for a Photo, Death of a Temple and Outlook are my favourites. I can't wait to read about the wedding.
20th June 2011

@Craig: I would like to, but I'm not sure I can in the winter!
20th June 2011

When you come back to Australia make sure you bring back with you the custom of working barefoot. Love it!
20th June 2011

After spending time with you in the US during their heatwave last year, I'm surprised you're not having hot showers and wearing jumpers.
20th June 2011

Gotta love your bargaining skills!
20th June 2011

It sounds like you're staying at a Formule 1 Motel with the shower and toilet in the one cubicle. I'm glad you're living the high life while you're there.
From Blog: Home Sweet Home
19th June 2011

Sounds like you had a really fun day!
14th June 2011

Bout time! The world has been calling out for another blog by you. Good to hear that more will be coming shortly.
17th July 2010

the real Yogi
loved the text msg. enjoyed the blog. can't wait to see the photos and hear the story.
17th July 2010
I'm sorry Craig, nothing personal but it's just not going to happen.

It is a shame you said no, his Mum would have been so excited!!
16th July 2010

Great Photos
Yeh ! A real-live bear ! How lucky were you ..... ! What a shame "good things have to come to an end". Enjoy the last part of holiday and love to all.
15th July 2010

Re: Las Vegas
Hey Vanora, glad you're enjoying the blog, we definitely are having fun! Don't worry though, I was only a practice proposal for Craig - I expect he'll get a more positive response from someone else soon ;)
15th July 2010

Las Vegas
Have missed your commentries ..... glad you are back. You all look like you are having so much fun. I suppose it will be over all too soon ! Michelle, fancy saying "No" ! Pretty clever gymnastics !

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