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3rd February 2008

I got this bolg site from my ex. It is great. Found yours when I was reading up on Ecuador. Thanks for putting your details and adventures. I am even more excited to go! I am going by myself this easter.
27th January 2008

I'm absolutely loving your blog. Excllent writing style! Happy travels!
7th January 2008

Inca Trail to Machu Picchu
Hol Mel - Great to read your latest blog. What an adventurous life you are living - how fantastic. I remember reading King Solomon's Mines many years ago and being fascinated with all that jaz. You will have such amazing memories and recall in years to come. Take care beautiful girl, and keep well.
15th December 2007

hi mel. Hana and I love your photos.
31st October 2007

You take wonderful photos. We are going to Ecuador in mid-January and can hardly wait.
18th October 2007

Sounds great Mel
Your sunbathing in 30 degrees sounds much better than my job hunting in 6 degrees in London... oh to travel again (though I did just spend the weekend in Paris)!
17th October 2007

Adios rocky!
Oh Mel, that story had Rob and I pissing ourselves.... hahahahahhahaha
1st October 2007

Travel writer in the making
Hey Mel Loving your blog. If you don't want to be an outrageously talented and brilliant scientist saving the world from ecological disaster all your life you could definitely have a career as a travel writer. Just think, staying in 5 star resorts, eating world class food, drinking champagne and then all you have to do is write about it - how great would that be? Or maybe I have just been living in Auckland for too long... Maddy and Mac loved hearing me read the blog out - great bedtime story! And how about that crazy lips flower - it's just like the one off Little Shop of Horrors ("Feed me Seymore"). Take care in the land of snow (i.e. Columbia).
18th September 2007

Hola Melanie! You sound and look fantastic. Your stories are amazing -- perhaps a career in writing is more lucative (sp?) than in marine ecology? just a thought. Take care of yourself and enjoy what lies adhead. ks
17th September 2007

These Boots were made for Hikin"!
You're going great guns, girl! But with all these "bugs" you've been enduring - I hope you don't get that thin that you will disappear... Hopefully you're feeling much better now. Keep soldiering on, and keep smilin'. Keep up the blogs, just love hearing about all your adventures, and especially the pics. You should be working for National Geographic. Take care. Mucho amore. Nanny
6th September 2007

It looks like your havin a WONDERFUL TIME!!!! except being sick. YUCK! i was also sick on the 29 of august!!!! YUCKY YUCKY! love you lots big sis missing u soooooooooo much! NOW THATS ALOT! YOUR LIL SIS, BAILEY
6th September 2007

OK, my title is not going to be a lead-in to some dumb joke about boobies - just there to get your attention. Great blog and very informative - wildlife for Africa! (ahem) but you're grumbling that you didn't have a close encounter with a Hammerhead shark. I'll never get you scientist/J.Cousteau types. Giardia?? Cripes, but that's nasty. But the ex-ballet dancer in me (with food issues) wants to know how much weight you lost. Anyway, my really burning question is... what's wrong with Lonesome George's lined up wife? She looks really nice; cute face and a great personality I bet. Is he gay?? All very well, but if you are the last species on earth, a bit disappointing for everyone. Anyway gorgeous niece - enjoy the scenery. It looks amazing! Mez xxx
5th September 2007

Hi Chick - okay so maybe not so envious about the giardia - but I had it in Africa so can at least sympathise............... Your photos are wicked!!! I am so stoked for you and I love the iguana shots. Your underwater shots are really good too. What camera did you take them on? Especially the moray - the flash brought him up well. So where to next?? Nothing new to report from the Bay - oh actually one thing - I got selected as the MFish rep for the IPY CAML trip to Antarctica which is very cool. so I head off there next year for 2 months - February March. I have been before but couldn't take photos so this time I will be stocking up on Memory cards!! Keep me posted I love hearing about your trip. luv stace
6th August 2007

Yeehaa girl!
Kiaora Mel! It looks like you're having a bloody fantastic time over there!! Am increasingly jealous, especially looking at all your very cool photos!! I love the hummingbird one - thats a national geographic shot!! What camera did you take over? Keep up with the pics and the wildlife talk, am enjoying it heaps. Have a blast girl luv stace
31st July 2007

Your fooling no-one
Stripy pants for bed-whatever Mel. We all know you will team them up with your hat with ear flaps for a truely "winning" fashion ensomble!! (opps spelling mistake there I think!). Your journey so far sounds amazing!!!! Keep sending blogs. Miss ya xoNiks
12th July 2007

How are things in Galapagos(?)
Hope I have the spelling correct! Bet you are warmer over there than us here, even if you are fathoms deep in the icy waters! Have a ball amigo. We love your pics and await further developments. Take care. Poppa and I both send our love.
9th July 2007

Dirty Hippies!
Trust a dirty hippie from Nelson to find a market and some striped pants! Just joking, really i am incredibly jealous. You sound like you are having a blast. Nice to see you in a singlet at the centre of the world, it is absolutely freezing cold here in good old wellington. Let me know if mini bum comees to fruition, you can post me a bunch!
2nd July 2007

Google Earth
Hey Lady, Great to see your having a good time. We Google Earthed you and could see you on the roof of the Secret Garden.......Na not really but we could pretend we could see you and those humming birds. Look forward to your next blog. Great photos!!! Take Care xoxoxoxox
1st July 2007

Bring back Tama
Hi Mel, the ABs and the America's Cup results were very disappointing. On the other hand, the darts comp is going well ;o) Take care, Rob
26th June 2007

Hola amigo, donte esta la chikita?
Wicked! I think you need a body guard. Just send funds for plane ticket and I'm there. Note: do not put talcum powder in your body board bag :-)
26th June 2007

wow! So you've taken Sth America by storm and made new friends already. Good on you. Thanks for the photos - very interesting and certainly a far cry from Lower Hutt. Take care you Jetter-Setter you, and be careful of what you eat! Watch those mozzies too!! We are all thinking of you and sending every good wish. Lotsa love. Nanny and Poppa
25th June 2007

Go to South America then, I don't care. I am sooo jealous.
24th June 2007

Wow - i think this is my first ever comment on a blog, so I am on a journey of discovery too. I'm so excited for you and can't wait to read your fantastic writings and see your beautiful photos. Hana is crawling and standing herself up now, plus has made up her own sign for food, and word for cat. She grew up lots in Sydney - now I just have to catch up. Soon she'll be typing her own blog - I've already lost control of the mouse. R, D H xx
24th June 2007

Write soon!
Hope the trip over went well and your new digs are acceptable. Lookin' forward to hearing about your travels when I'm bored and not! Go well gorgeous niece and favourite god daughter! Aroha nui. Mez xxx
23rd June 2007

hey mel welcome over here! how was your flight?? feeling the altitude? hope you get to wear the red poncho in secret garden it´s the sexiest

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