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12th August 2008

Hans, I don't buy this story at all. You look and sound like a real douche. Please stop writing. Many thanks.
11th August 2008

pretty heavy comment. i have just finished reading all his stories and consider them quite readable. the autor seems to treat these so-called Hot Mommas friendly enough. he lets them stay in his room when it rains, he gives them free beers and clothes, food, talking about them with respect.
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9th August 2008

thanks for the "friendly" comment, at least I got your attention and as for the Kerouac stuff...I thought his books were actually quite good. already have a pretty good life and didn`t plan on ever getting married though I have plenty of very nice and extremely beautiful lady-friends. Hans from Amsterdam.
From Blog: Female adiction.
8th August 2008

You suck.
Get a life. You sound like a dxmned Kerouac novel. Don't ever get married.
From Blog: Female adiction.

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