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27th June 2017

What was the name of the restaurant in Sylhet? We are headed there next week!
29th June 2017

The best was Woondaal. It's rustic and classy with a fully English menu. Panshi is a good local-style restaurant. No English but the manager will probably find you and explain. Panshi also found in Sreemangal.
3rd March 2015

Hello Out There
Sounds and looks like another great adventure, Kyle. All the best and thanks for the postcard. Love from U. Stan and A.Gina
26th October 2013

Great Wall looks great
Hello Kyle, Really enjoyed your blog for the week of camping the Great Wall. Excellent photos too. Having Ale with you made it very special no doubt. Hope your index finger is all healed up. Teachers especially need healthy index fingers for pointing. Lots of love and best wishes to you both, Stan and Gina
17th August 2013

Japan is on our short list
It was good hearing the details of your wander around town. Very nice photos.
11th August 2013

Hi Kyle, no one we know comes close to the content and detail you put into your blogs. Great photos too. This one was of particular great interest. Fuji must be one more highlight in your young life. In your travels, you are doing what many just dream about. We're very happy you! take care of yourself. Love Stan and Gina
3rd February 2013

Good to hear you're having "fun" (?)
Hi Kyle: Another fly by the seat of your pants adventure. Get rid of the fake 100's before you use them by mistake. Then you'll never get back home. Take care of yourself and have fun. All the best from snowy Ottawa.
6th November 2012

Thanks for the updates!
Hi Kyle, I don't know if you ever receive my notes but just in case you do I wanted to thank you for the updates. I think I'll give Russia a miss unless it's a river cruise - my husband certainly couldn't handle the obstacles you've encountered. I'm so proud of all the things you've done! Miriam
28th June 2012

Hi, enjoyed your story about Muschu, how did you get in touch with George, was that just through Kasper? How did he make contact with George? What were the costs like staying on Muschu, and you did mention another place was being built, keen to know more - it sounds pretty nice as an isolated part of the world. Chris
29th June 2012

George can be found at the rocky beach beside the downtown area. It's a small town, just ask around for George from Muschu. I can't remember exactly how much it cost but it was cheaper than anything in Wewak. 25-30 for a night I think plus some for the boat ride there and back. I suppose in theory the other place could be built by now, but I would have no idea. It's more 'upscale' but box-apartment-like set over a cliff.
28th August 2011

Hello from Civilization
Hi Kyle: All your blog entries have been extremely interesting and a lot of the photos spectacular. Thanks for thinking of us in your postcard from Shanghai a while back. You have had quite a journey. All the best and stay healthy.

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