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10th February 2011

Thank you for all the information that you provided on your site. As I mentioned in the past that I was going to Cambodia. My girlfriend and I have went and had a wonderful time. We wound up taking the bus that took a little over 5 hours from Siem Reap to Phonm. I added a bunch of pictures on our site if anyone is interested in seeing more images. I must say this was my favorite place that I've been to. I've currently been to 25 countries and Cambodia stands out over all the rest.
7th January 2011

Heh there, I read your blog, thanks for sharing. I am in malaysia at the moment but heaing to Cambodia next week. Thankyou for the advice. I was deliberating between going by bus or boat from PP to SR. Think I will get the boat. I have a blog on here to. Michelle Nicholls blog name sunrise2 shanghai
17th July 2010

Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
I'm trying to look up what time the faeries leave Siem Reap and doc at Phonm. I need to catch a flight to Vietnam at 7 and should be at the airport around 4 or 5. What time did your faerie depart. Thank you for your help.
5th October 2009

Vietnam was cool also
See my Vietnam section for my trip.. Any questions more than willing to help...
24th September 2009

Thank you!
Hello - Thank you so much for the information! Really appreciate it and really can not wait to go. We are traveling for certain now in Jan to Feb. We also have destinations in Vietnam and Bangkok. Did you happen to travel in Vietnam? All my best - Katrin
31st August 2009

Cambodia - You Will Love It.
We travelled over Easter last year, The boat ride was fantastic but like I mentioned, cover up.. I am fairly good in the sun however I got burned badly.. The time we travelled the water was the lowest however not once was I concerned about getting to our destination. Very proffessional people who do this run twice daily, everyday. I recommend the City River Hotel in Siem Reap and if you want to see the best of the Temples hire a driver, his name is Phansey Ros and you can find a contact for him in Camby Publications which is a free tourist magazine. He will be under the Siem Reap section. Phansey was born and bred in the area and can take you to all the best places he knows. Very cheap and a gentleman also. Toyota Camry A/C, excellent english, free bottled water and stays away from the crowds when transversing the temples. I believe if you google Phansey Ros you will find him. Tell him Scott from Australia recommended because he is such a good bloke. I think I was the first person to ever call him a good bloke and had to explain what it meant. He called his new house "Good Bloke House" LOL Shihanoukville was another excellent destination in Cambodia on the coast. Once again very cheap and very beautiful. I found Khmer people to be the nicest I have met in all my travels. Anything else I can help let me know.
30th August 2009

Hello! My husband and I will be heading to Southeast Asia soon and can not wait. One of our destinations is from PP to Siem Reap via boat. What time of year did you go? We are thinking of either this Nov or Jan-Feb of '10. Also, where else did you travel to? Thank you in advance. -Kat
21st March 2008

looks good!
Hi guys looks like your having a good time, nice pics cant wait to see more. only 2 weeks before im in Saigon. happy travels Dan.

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