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Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 17th 2012

Crazy day. Today is Daniela’s birthday, and right now Felix is baking her a cake and playing some techno disco music. Where to start? First, I received an email that Rex is not doing very well and he is in the hospital. (My father-in-law). Apparently he has fallen and broken his tailbone, has a ruptured lumbar disk, and has had a somewhat difficult time cognitively. I’m very sad about it…he will go into rehab after he gets out of the hospital. I hope cortisone will work for his disc. It is troubling to watch our parents become infirm, it certainly lets us know that time is passing. I am glad he has done so much travelling in the last 5 years, he has been everywhere. None of us know when we are going to have problems, ... read more
moz 12 salon blue spotted stingray
moz 12 salon cushion sea star
moz 12 salon spanish dancer egg case

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 16th 2012

What a day! I went diving this morning and went to a site called Office….very beautiful. I saw my first White Tip Reef Shark! It didn’t come close enough for a great photo, but any photo is good, right? I am totally comfortable in the water here now…just had a bit of a learning curve. Now my weights are correct, I have the hang of the negative entry, but I still cannot jump into the boat by myself from the water. I doubt I will be able to. The dive was really, really nice, and when we came back in I had an ocean safari straight away. No whale sharks, but a huge, glorious, beautiful Giant Manta Ray! I took video and photos….I swam above it for quite a long time, it was feeding and flying ... read more
Giant Manta
moz 12 footprints
moz 12 darren

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 15th 2012

I missed blogging yesterday, but I was so busy I came home and collapsed after the talk on Manta Rays at Casa Barry last night. Andrea Marshall is so charismatic…her passion for the conservation of the Manta Rays is infectious. I am seriously considering doing a trip with her in March, a 3 week dive/research trip to Raj Impat and Indonesia. I want to help support this effort to the best of my ability. Yesterday we did an ocean safari, no whale sharks or manta rays. Andrea arrived here 10 years ago to do her graduate work, and 10 years later there are 87% FEWER MANTA RAYS. I’ve been here a week and I’ve seen only one manta, and no whale sharks. The reason for this is obvious: today, on the way to Outback reef for ... read more
moz 12 salon clownfish in anemone
moz 12 salon porcupine
moz 12 salon trumpet

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 13th 2012

Still having issues with the diving here. I feel like a complete idiot. It is not very buoyant here….and I am overweighted, so I slammed into a few things….nota good thing to do on a reef. Shit! I have felt bad about it today…I have not adjusted to the diving in Tofo…it is true that the conditions are not easy, though the sea was very friendly today. Sometimes I feel like I have bitten off more than I can chew (so to speak), but I am managing. I cannot heave myself into the zodiac from the water, and I hate that. I can feel the weakness of my left leg pretty keenly at times, it just won’t do what I tell it to do. Tofo is a young town. The 20s and 30s crowd ... read more
Frogfish legs!

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 12th 2012

Today was my first dive. It was a completely different experience than I’ve had before. I fought terrible seasickness, for one thing. Apparently, the med I am taking for malaria preventative causes seasickness. Must take dramamine. Here is how it goes here with Peri Peri divers: from the dive shop you go down the “stairs of death” to the beach where the boat is being backed into the water by a Tracker. Everyone gets on the sides of the boat and pushes it out (it is a zodiac, but large). The women jump into the boat first, then the men, then you battle the waves to get off of the beach. The water is really pretty calm right now, but it is a bitch to get out of the wave line. Once out of the wave ... read more
Big jellyfish!
Scorpion on steroids
moz 12 manta reef scorpion 6x4

Oceans and Seas » Indian May 11th 2012

Marcel, Ben, Pieter and I went on our first ocean safari today…sadly, no whale sharks. But I did see my first ever Hammerhead shark and Black Fin Reef shark. We also encountered two pods of dolphins, both bottlenose and humpback dolphins. I was not in good position to take photos of anything. The water is full of plankton, so in order to get a good photo you’d need to be within 6 feet, I think. It was my first time in a zodiac (a sort of rubber boat), well not the very first time, the first one was when we went to look at elephant seals in Great White Shark infested waters, so obviously the goal was to stay IN the boat. Getting in and out of a zodiac has its challenges. Also there are no ... read more

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 10th 2012

Another day with no diving or ocean safaris…..most of the group are learning to dive today, which leaves four of us with nothing to do, Marcel, Pieter, Ben and I. Our coordinators from All Out Africa had to leave to renew visas and so nothing has been scheduled for us, but we have been notified that tomorrow we will be on an ocean safari (which is out on the boat looking for whale sharks). Yay! Hopefully I’ll be able to post whale shark photos tomorrow! So I was up at 715a.m. (can’t sleep late here), had peanut butter and toast for breakfast, then decided to go and check out the beach. Marcel came along. I’d like to fix my daughter up with Marcel, he is a sweetheart. How many 23 year olds want to hang out ... read more
Doing laundry
My humble abode
Manta Ray information

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 9th 2012

The volunteer organizers have been out of town since I’ve been here, so the other divers and I have had quite a bit of free time. Most of the group are just learning to dive, and spent the day in a classroom doing dive tables. I have been learning my fish….the fish surveys involve butterflyfish, rock cods (groupers), parrots and surgeonfish. So I learn 60 fishes for doing the surveys. I think I’ve just about got them, though. After I looked at the fish, I decided to go over to Casa Barry, the lodge where the Foundation for the Protection of Marine Megafauna is located. I was so interested to come to Tofo because of Dr Andrea Marshall and Dr Simon Pierce, manta and whale shark researchers I saw on National Geographic. Andrea Marshall came to ... read more
lunch at Casa Barry
Leslie, Marcel and Ben

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Tofo May 8th 2012

Blog entry Tuesday May 7 LONG day, but certainly eventful. It started very early with a 6a.m. wake up call and a ride to OR Tambo airport at 730p. The flight from Joburg to Inhambane was late, and I have a feeling that is not unusual. I met fellow travelers, most of whom are probably Alexandra’s and Wesley’s age. I am a little disappointed about that, I admit. I know Lexi (the girl I contacted through Flickr who did this trip) had women in their forties on her trip. League of nations here: Marcel, Jasmine, Lesley from Switzerland, Felix and Suzanne from London, Patty, Tam and Melissa from the states, and Daniella and Elke from Germany. There may be one or two who are close to 30. They are looking at me in panic, I know, ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 5
Photo 6

Africa » South Africa May 6th 2012

I am exhausted! Traveling for two days is tiring, even when you've travelled in the utmost comfort. I arrived at the Da Vinci Hotel in Nelson Mandela Square at 7 a.m. and thankfully they had a room ready for me, even at that hour. I was asleep by 8a, and didn't wake until 330p. I have no clue what that means as far as my body's clock is concerned, the only thing I know is that my body is tired! Not only from the travel, but from losing items on every plane and every security stop along the way. I swear, being ADHD can be very inconvienent. I have a "stick" with me, it looks like a walking stick but it is actually a mount for my new camera. I lost it no fewer than 3 ... read more

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