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Europe » United Kingdom » Northern Ireland » County Down » Belfast January 3rd 2011

The controversy astounds me. At first glance driving along the interstate my overwhelmed senses strain to take in all of the city -- the rich sense of culture found in the simplicity of a tall glass building situated just steps from a gothic stone cathedral whose mast stands high in the skyline leaves my mouth gaping. The mountain-top crowned with the name Napoleon's Nose for it's striking resemblance to a human nose (Napoleon's or not I couldn't say!) and the giant yellow cranes that hang triumphantly in the distance are only some of the distinguishing factors. Driving through the city on the freeway I'm reminded of how I once heard about a city under duress here. But like the international news in America, we are through the city and onto a new place before any of ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville December 25th 2010

A very white Christmas morning in Nashville. I sniffle and tilt my head upwards a bit searching for relief from this nagging cold. Healthy a week ago -- very not healthy today! It all started with that damn Typhoid vaccine -- why didn't I just get the shot. The nurse at the travel clinic made it seem so easy and harmless! The funny thing about this oral typhoid vaccine is that you have to take only 4 pills, every other day. On my second dose, my stomach was in so much pain from abdominal cramping my jaw actually hurt the next morning from clenching it so tight. I had to miss the Garth Brooks concert so naturally, I was pumped about taking the next 2 doses. I watched a silly little video where they depicted the ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville December 17th 2010

I was standing between the climbing gear and the headlamps in the overwhelming REI store and I could feel the panic coat my stomach lining and the edge of my esophagus. I looked down at the cart full of great stuff that I would be able to use and enjoy many times over and I tried to keep the panic from coming out from my eyes. It wasn't just the money that was bothering me. My feet were killing me (my fault seeing as I tried walking around with a loaded pack in heels for longer than I should have) and I was anxious about a conversation I was supposed to have with a man I'd never met before. I tried to put a smile on my tired cheeks and lighten my eyes as well I ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville December 14th 2010

Frustration is writhing. In attempts to dissuade my inevitable angst I have been playing Christmas music all day. But if that damn door opens one more time and makes those chimes laugh annoyingly one more time ... Independence is a funny thing. You have to fight to get it, fight to keep it, fight to feel it and fight to share it. I'm just so angry. ( 1 hr later - after a slightly reassuring text from my mother) Maybe it is a lack of confidence in my judgment. Maybe I feel like I made one grave mistake and that has therefore clouded all my future decisions -- I should know that it is to the contrary: My awareness for danger is heightened and so my decisions are already made more cautiously. I feel like overall ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville December 7th 2010

You are Karen people. You are the people of the mountains and the trees. What a beautiful scene. The destructive meaning of the word refugee for you need not be used again here. You are Karen people. You are a community. Sheer ignorance must be the cause of the aid workers looking down on you, because I admire you. They say that you are lazy and that you don't work, but I've seen the wrinkles on your hands. I know that you work. These people come in on their big clean white horses waving a flag of aid and survival. When they see that their way is not the only way the white tail waves violently as they gallop away. They don't understand your triumph. You were once a peaceful and communal people. Your kids went ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville December 6th 2010

Suddenly, I'm driving in a car with someone who, for me, embodies all the shortcomings in my life. They are taking me to my camp in Thailand where the rest of my group is to be. Sharp, jagged boulders line the busy street and although seemingly impassible, the jeep we drive continues to make it's way along - it only feels slightly bumpy. All the while I am trying to understand how I already arrived in Thailand without having done any of the reading or research I've been thinking about doing. The panic-driven soggy sponge hanging low in the pit of my stomach frustrates me with more reminders about my lack of preparedness. How could I have forgotten to do the reading?? There was so much I wanted to learn before I arrived... We got to ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Nashville December 3rd 2010

Sitting at my desk. While I was out to lunch I realized that it was signficantly more comfortable outisde in the cool air sitting in the sun than sitting inside -- it's freezing in here! It's December already -- unbelievable. Actually, incredible when I think about how far I've come in the last 11 months. I started out in January last year (hm, can't seem to remember back to January). February I was dating a lazy-jerk-type (I only remember by the half-hearted flowers I got on Valentine's Day) and fortunately managed to wise-up by March and move on! April I celebrated my 22nd birthday (with friends and family) and reunited with a long lost love only to end that too a few months later. My first summer with a job seemed to go quicker than any ... read more

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