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Asia » Cambodia October 17th 2009

Here's a brief photographic overview of our passage through Cambodia, the highlight naturally being the temples of Angkor !... read more
Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh
Phnom Penh

Asia » Vietnam October 6th 2009

From Hanoi, all the way down to Saigon, Vietnam has been one great experience... culinary, culturally and historically. Meeting up with some local CouchSurfers in Hanoi was the best possible way to start discovering the country... Sorry there's too many photos... for lack of time I've not thinned them out at all. I've got some catching up to do !... read more
Scootering around Hanoi with Linh !
Vietnamese coffee

Asia » Hong Kong September 8th 2009

My last stop in China wasn't really in China... I thought that a few days in Hong Kong would make a good contrast with the few rural places I'd stopped in as I crossed China. I was lucky enough to enjoy a free yacht trip across the bay, and to meet some nice people to walk with along the Dragon's Back trail across the ridge of the island. The nighttime skyline is quite a sight, isn't it ?... read more
Hong Kong streets
Hong Kong skyline
Hong Kong skyline

Asia » China September 6th 2009

Still trying to catch up with these photos... These are from central China : Xi'an I visited because of its proximity to the Army of Terracotta warriors, and Guilin and Yangshuo for the karst scenery. Yet to come are the photos of Hong Kong and of northern Vietnam, but this might take some time as my camera got wet today (unthoughtfuly left on the beach at the mercy of the rising tide) and I'm not yet sure whether it will recover fully. Luckily the memory card survived, so the photos are safe...... read more
Climbing a karst mountain in Guilin
Terracotta warriors main hall
Terracotta warriors

Asia » China » Beijing August 24th 2009

Though these pictures were taken about 3 weeks ago, I'm only just getting around to putting them up now... I suppose I could blame the Internet censorship in China, but that wouldn't be totally honest. I guess I've just been having too much fun to bother with computers and online updates... I spent about a week in Beijing, during which I took part in the following activities : hiking 10kms of the Great Wall, visiting Mao's mausoleum (my 2nd communist hero's dead body so far, Ho Chi Minh yet to come), the Temple of Heaven, the Forbidden City... and plenty of walking around the city's narrow streets (hutongs) discovering tourists markets and some unbelievable street food, all of this under the blistering heat and 80% humidity. I'm now in Hanoi and have successfuly met up with ... read more
Delicious street food
Not so delicious street food
Wacky translations

Asia » Mongolia » Ulaanbaatar August 6th 2009

You may be thinking I've been kind of quiet lately. Well there's a pretty good reason for that : I've been out of town... And by out of town I mean "Outer Mongolia" ! After arriving in Ulaanbaatar (UB for those in the know) and spending a couple of days with Sabina my CS host seeing the sights (there are only a few, and even then, I'm counting the Beatles tribute monument as one) the Mongolian fun really begun. Sabina was kind enough to introduce me to some friends of hers (and for this I am truly grateful) who live about an hour's drive away from UB. They live, together with another family, in a group of 5 gers (traditional Mongolian tents/yurts). Their settlement is rather isolated, in the middle of a vast valley where the ... read more
A view from the train journey from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar
A view from the train journey from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar
A view from the train journey from Irkutsk to Ulaanbaatar

Europe » Russia » Siberia » Irkutsk July 27th 2009

So I've made it as far as Irkutsk, the lake Baikal... the far side of Russia. Last stop before Mongolia. The lake Baikal is quite a sight, cliffs on all sides, pine trees all the way down to the water. An old railway line winds along the coastline and a daily service for tourists crawls the tracks making many picturesque stops. Baikal is the deepest lake in the world and contains one third of the fresh water on the planet. It was a great pleasure to go diving in its clear (and somewhat cold) waters.... read more

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow July 18th 2009

5 days spent in Moscow... 5 days of disorientating linguistics and incomprehensible street signs. The Kremlin, Red square, Lenin's embalmed body, some great Russian and foreign encounters, a few beers and vodkas, and all of this followed by a trip on one of the greatest railways in the world...... read more
'Tis the time of the season...
Red square

Europe » Lithuania » Vilnius July 15th 2009

I'm a little behind schedule with these photos I took about two weeks ago when I was in Lithuania. Some of Vilnius town itself, some of Trakai (a small town about an hour west of Vilnius with a castle surrounded by lakes), and also some taken during a short camping trip up on the Baltic coast, on the Coronian Spit (a peninsula shared by Lithuania and Russia).... read more
Old street
Paupio g.

Europe » Poland » Greater Poland » Poznan July 13th 2009

I took very few photos during my stay in Poznan, my mind was elsewhere... Here are a couple of the ones that turned out ok.... read more
Church interior
Old Market Square
Vilnius animation festival

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