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5th February 2019

"Success is the journey, not the destination." ~Arthur Ashe
Reading this reminded me of that quote and I love that you've made it happen from your very first encounter. This is going to be so much fun to follow! I noted your departure date incorrectly in my calendar reminder so, belatedly, "Bon Voyage!"
5th February 2019
Arc Recoleta Hotel Room With Balcony

Hooray the adventure begins!
I so enjoyed our long phone chat before you will be unavailable for the next couple of months! Your detailed planning is paying off and you are getting the most of you time there with the personal guide for the city. Tomorrow you will be on your way to the southernmost city in the world where you will meet up with fellow sailor mates. How exciting! Mark is keeping me closely updated on things here. The Secret is working!!!!
3rd February 2019

Enjoy 😉
Have a wonderful time in BA !
29th January 2019

Travel Wishes
Travel safe, dear friend, and come home hale and hearty. Remember a ll (double L) in Argentina is almost a hard J sound,,, Belles Artes is more like Bajes Artes, great museum on Libertador, close to your hotel. Stock up on protien with that buttery tender beef and velvety malbec, there are many Italian immigrants that make up the Bs As population so pizza and Italian foods are great, and your breakfast is likely "media lunas", little half moon croissants, with dulce de leche caramel, along w great coffee. Remembef to HOLD TIGHT! LOVE YOU and wish you FAIR WINDS and CALM SEAS, Gail of the seas
11th January 2019

2 Entries
Superb 1st 2 entries
12th January 2019

Superb Lasagna
Thanks, Farmer! As Jonny Cakes has often said, "What's better than normal sex? Having Lizonya." >>>>>>>>>>
10th January 2019

questioning his sanity
you are crazy. the trip sounds adventurous enough, but not being able to wash you underwear?? that's uncivilized. be sure to take pictures when you get off the boat. I want to see the old salt look!!
12th January 2019

What sanity???
Yes, agree, crazy is putting it mildly! I figure no more difficult than growing up on a farm with a large family! Will need to take Depends for sure! Ha! Luckily, I will be able to do sink clothes washing if necessary.
3rd January 2019

I got a flashback of you in DBs cabin w her underwear drying all around you as she cut your hair on a long sailing venture... for sure we need "after" pics, before you see Mark and he fixes you all up!
4th January 2019

Haircare Flashback
OMG...thanks a lot for the memory flasher, especially the repressed vision of the drying panties! To avoid such a situation this voyage, I am taking a small rechargeable cordless clippers. Without my dream hairdresser as the weeks advance, I WILL be turning into a real old salt before the crew's eyes.
3rd January 2019

Sail on Walt, brave adventurer! Do you think they make breakfast Bloody Marys onboard??
4th January 2019

Sail On SeaGale
Not sure how brave when I can't sleep all night. Will have to dream about Bloody Marys as have read only beer & wine are served at the bar...not to complain.
1st January 2019

I can tell I'm about to have a two month long geography lesson. So excited for you. Tere
4th January 2019

With your help & excitement, hoping to make this voyage more exciting than my high school geography class. LOL.
23rd December 2018

Again, OMG!
You are such a good writer! You manage to get everyone excited and tremulous with you!
26th December 2018

Again, OMG
Yes, OMG! Thanks, you are too kind.
23rd December 2018

Wow, Walt. You will need time to decompress after this trip! It will be an amazing unforgettable adventure for you. We will all be thinking of you the whole time. Great that you are doing a journal so you can share your adventures with us later. I pray for your safety. - Love, Bone
26th December 2018

Thanks, yes need to decompress before trip! LOL

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