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24th June 2010

We are in Florida for a short visit. Too bad we missed you, but we see that as usual, you are are having a much more exciting and fun time than we are. Love the blog. Hope some day to catch up with you. You are living the dream. Right now all our free time goes to building a house in Chelan and let me tell you we are way too old for that endeavor. By the way Pam, Late Happy Birthday, I am sure you celebrated it in style! Sue and John
23rd June 2010

I am traveling with you
Pam, it is so wonderful that you mentioned cities and towns you have visited in Greece. I feel like I am with you as I am reading this book North of Ithaka. Have your tried all the interesting foods. I will have to ask when you get back . Can't wait to see more pics. Have fun.
22nd June 2010

Following your adventures..
It was nice to know that you had been to Berlin,I was there the last 2 week-ends,both times ended up in the Sony Center....LOL I am also glad that you liked Skiathos,it is one of my FAV Greek islands...Have you been to Milan before? I LOVE the balcony gardens,and I am trying to model my tiny balcony 'Milan'style....Looking forward to your next blog...June
18th June 2010

Fun, Fun
It looks like you are both having a wonderful time. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. Take care and enjoy the rest of your trip.
7th June 2010

As usual, your blog makes travel sound intriguing and fascinating all in one. What a trip you both are having--for the hundredth time!
7th June 2010

As always, your photos are a treat...I loved the falls photo and the Laurel forest looked like something straight out of the Lord of the Rings..did you spy Frodo hanging around? :) Miss you and and enjoy the rest of your trip Hugs Jody
6th June 2010

What an experience. The can actually carry two people. Just the muzzles keep them from spitting .....or just from biting? It looks like you are having a wonderful time. Enjoy!
5th June 2010

Love the camels, maybe I wouldn't in person. Cool
5th June 2010

Lava Tube Night Club
It would be an AWESOME site for a Williamson party. Add me to the guest list. Hope to see you in Sarasota and hope to still have beautiful white sand beaches.
5th June 2010

So much fun!
Jennifer, Have a great time in Peru. It is a beautiful country with such friendly people. You´ll love Macchu Pichu and Cuzco. Travel safe!
4th June 2010

Lava tube night club
I want to have a party there! What a cool place! Hope we can get together this summer - but I expect you will be travelling. Miss you guys! Besos, Marcia
4th June 2010

Oh my gosh, your photos are fantastic and I really enjoyed your post! The falls on Lake Brienz are stunning! My blog is looking for travel photos, reviews, etc, to share. If you have the time, check it out at, or email me at Continued fun on your travels! Heather :)
3rd June 2010

Hey Big Sis and Bro-in-Law
Great photos as always. Glad you both had nice weather in Germany. I am in Seattle for two days then back home. Safe travels to you guys. Love, your little brother...
3rd June 2010

Good work
COngrads you got the blog up, fab pictures, have fun. Dorothy
3rd June 2010

I do love your blog and the pictures were exceptional. Just makes me want to go to all those places. I was especially interested in the San Souci castle. My Mother lived on a Street named "San Souci" and we always wondered what it was named for. Have fun.
3rd June 2010

So much fun!
Just wrapping up the schoolyear and looking forward to a month in Peru. Hope you are well. Jen
3rd June 2010

Wow, that is so rare to not be right on time.. and no fair that they run early.. Sorry it sort of goofed up your day, but you guys make the best of a situation. Have a great trip!!! Aufweidersehn! n.
11th February 2010

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12th January 2010

Dear Pam and Ron, thank you for your wishes. Alfred and I are doing okay and will be going to Cuba in February. Best wishes for 2010, love Brigitte and Alfred Please use our yahoo account.
5th January 2010

Rolling Stones
Happy New Year! Call me when you are around. Would love to catch up. Jen
23rd December 2009

Beautiful white Christmas
Beautiful picture of the two of you in the wintery snow. Much as you both love the cold--the picture is great.
23rd December 2009

snowbird sightings...
Hi Pam! Great to hear from you. The snowbirds - and that includes Arthur - are quickly filling up the carports here at the Cove. I am so happy to be back from Philly...what an experience. We missed our window of opportunity and got stuck in the 22 inches of snow a few days ago. We finally flew in yesterday! Art bought a bike today to tool around here with me, and his tennis buddies from last year were thrilled to see him back. Kind of the way the staff at Publix feels about me. I hope you have a wonderful holiday! My thoughts and prayers are with you and Ron. Let me know if you need anything on this end. I hope we see you soon, Arlene
23rd December 2009

it'll be a cold day in indiana......
hi pam dear, thanks for including me in on your fun and fact-filled christmas greeting. you are so clever and i love the card. i pray that your christmas is peaceful and happy, and that ron's mom rests comfortably and gets stronger with each new day. barbara xo
1st October 2009

ohh i went to portugal
4th September 2009

The pictures are outstanding!! You have outdone yourself. Once again however, the map indicates a very irratic path......

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