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23rd December 2009

it'll be a cold day in indiana......
hi pam dear, thanks for including me in on your fun and fact-filled christmas greeting. you are so clever and i love the card. i pray that your christmas is peaceful and happy, and that ron's mom rests comfortably and gets stronger with each new day. barbara xo
1st October 2009

ohh i went to portugal
4th September 2009

The pictures are outstanding!! You have outdone yourself. Once again however, the map indicates a very irratic path......
3rd September 2009

Sounds fab!! Wish there were more photos. Love ya
31st August 2009

These pictures are great as always! Bea and Vasily's children are gorgeous and I can tell they must be very entertaining. Hope to hear all about Asheville next. I will catch you up in regular email soon. Hugsssss
3rd August 2009

Absolutely Gorgeous
Jan and I had the chance to visit with one of our exchange students in the lake area of Finland many years ago. It is wonderful to see that little has changed. It's always rewarding to see our students all grown up with children of their own. Your photos are wonderful as always. Miss you both and can't wait to discuss your your most recent odyssey. Love to you both, Jim and Jan
1st August 2009

We will need to schedule a BC night just for "Pam Adventures".. Wow, what a summer.. Take care. See you in SRQ.. When do you return?? Ciao, nancy
31st July 2009

palm city
the most amezing city in the world that i had ever seen i like the most i love the most the city wich i love to come the most
31st July 2009

the most amezing city in the world
23rd July 2009

Great photo
Great photo of you, it looks like you are having fun and getting younger, think I will have to schedule a trip to Budapest. Love ya
23rd July 2009

Now I know what to do with the design of our second bathroom. A real money saver! Sounds like a fun adventure. The town looks interesting. How is the food?
21st July 2009

stinky cheese
I know you two love that cheese but it is sure not my favorite! The rest is awsome. Did you stand in the proper place for high energy - chakra-at Wawel castle? Did you have to move the sign to find it??
21st July 2009

Set out the soup plates
We'll be right over. Continue to enjoy!! nancy
21st July 2009

Very Cool
Great pics once again. You keep giving me new places to want to hit on our travels. Love to you both. Jim and Jan...
21st July 2009

Nice Weather
Hey Big Sis and Bro-in-Law, Looks like you guys had nice weather. Great pics as always. I just got back from GITMO on Sunday. Hope your travels are safe and wonderful. Love to you both. Jim and Jan
20th July 2009

Great dialouge
Hi Pam, Loved your comments on Budapest, will be living there in two weeks if you are traveling that way contact Linda Cleary and she can put you in touch with me.
16th July 2009

Balanced meal
I want to know where Ron's fruit was because all I see is ice cream!! I can smell the chocolate and waffles from here.
16th July 2009

Glad to see the paragliders are still in business...waiting for us! I miss our hike together. Looks like lots of snow this year.
14th July 2009

As always the pictures from Switzerland bring back great memories of the time we were there with you two. It's just as beautiful as I remember it to be. Love, Nancy & Jim.
14th July 2009

Dear RPM, I can't believe you were eating french fries with mayonnaise. I never tried it but maybe the next time I have fries I will. The chocolate looked wonderful and I'm sure the climb up the clock tower burned off at least one bite. We're glad you are having good weather and lots of fun. Jim says thanks for the birthday post card. He finally catches up to me in years tomorrow. Love, Nancy
12th July 2009

I wish we could visit Switzerland again. I love it too, Nice to know Kleine Schiedegg is still alive and well. Glad you are enjoying it
8th July 2009

Your beautiful pictures just made me want to break out in "The hills are alive with the sound of music". They are beautiful and a place I dream of visiting one day. Jane
8th July 2009

Belated Happy Birthday Pam! Every time we read your blog we celebrate your adventures with you; can almost taste the chocolate and feel the warm ocean breezes. Sand sculptures in Albufeira are amazing! Look forward to hearing more soon. Jeanne PS Recently met someone who was talking about an "obscure" town in Portugal he had visited; only reason I recognised the name was from your blog. So geography lessons and food reviews all in one.
7th July 2009

I love the choc pictures, the buildings were nice too
6th July 2009

Battle of the \"Bruge\"
Sounds like you're having a great time!! Pics are great and I feel as if I'm there reading your descriptions. Unfortunately I think I gained 5lbs. just imagining all that chocolate!! Love you!

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