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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Lanarkshire » Glasgow August 1st 2009

Glasgow to Fort William, via Sterling You will remember, no doubt, that we slept in our gargantuan bed in our hotel in Glasgow. After a good night of sleep we headed down stairs to our breakfast of all things greasy and some haggis or blood pudding - neither of which I would recommend eating. Not because they taste disgusting (cause they don't) but more because they are just not my thing (weird texture and taste) - so if you get the opportunity don't be turned off by my thoughts. After filling up on a delicious breakfast we left the hotel to see the city. The night previous we had not paid much attention to where we parked, thinking we were lucky to get a park so close to the hotel. However, it was not allowed to ... read more
Competitive stiltsmen
Stirling Castle
Big weirdy tapestries

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland July 31st 2009

Willesden, London, England to Glasgow, Scotland Mum and Clare arrived on our fair shores at the start of July, 2009 - much to my excitement - and we had pre-organised a ten-day trip to Scotland and back, via the Lake District. Emma had done all the planning and researching of places to stay, I had typed up itineraries and email them out and re-jigged them when re-jigging needed to be done. All systems were go for our donder to Scotland (and the Lake District)! We hired a car (a Vauxhall, in case you care), put in Viktor (what we named our Tom Tom - we needed a more personal way to address him when he got us lost, which he did!) and packed it full of snacks, clothes, bags and other paraphernalia ready for the eight-hour ... read more
Welcome to Wedgwood land

Europe » France » Paris July 4th 2009

A Parisian Wedding Anniversary/h3 or: Un anniversaire de mariage parisiens Ahhh, where better to go for a wedding anniversary then the city of love itself - Paris! Sure, this was almost two years ago, but in an effort to catch up on our travels we will tell you anyway! We made the choice based on the fact that I had never been and Emma loved it when she was last there (with her Aunty Cindy in 2001 or so). We tubed it to Kings Cross St Pancras and caught the Eurostar. Two hours later we were in Paris, arriving at the Gare du Nord. We caught the Metro from Gare du Nord to where our hotel was and booked in. Our room was stripy and red/pink. We dumped our bags, and headed out for lunch. We ... read more
Grand Arch

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam May 4th 2009

16 hours on a bus, final destination: Amsterdam We once again decided to do a bus trip, with the same company, but this time it was for the May long weekend. So, once again, we went to Victoria bus station and wait in the cold air - but not as cold as last time because it was May. The trip was rather long - we had to drive from London to Dover (to catch the ferry to Calais) and wait for the ferry. The ferry took us to Calais and then we had to wait for our passports to be stamped and all that. Then we drove from Calais up to Amsterdam, through Belgium (we stopped once in Belgium for a toilet stop and some snacks, so we have technically been there). The ferry from Dover ... read more
Our Bungalow
The Palace
Massive bike racks

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Bath April 9th 2009

Thatched roof on the left! (or a trip to Bath and Stonehenge) Once upon a time Paul and Emma were looking through the TNT magazine (a magazine for Australians, South Africans and New Zealanders living in the UK) and they happened upon an advert for a company called Tracks Travel. Said company was advertising for cheap day trips to Bath and Stonehenge. "What a splendid idea," said Emma. "Yes, it is isn't it," replied Paul. "Shall we go?" asked Emma. "Oh, yes, that will be ever so fun!" replied Paul. And so, on a cold April morning in 2009, Paul and Emma embarked upon their first ever bus trip (outside of school excursions obviously). Paul and Emma got up early and headed to Victoria Station to wait for their coach... We made it, nice and early, ... read more
Stonehenge through the fence
Em with our broken brolly
Bath Abbey

Europe » Italy March 11th 2009

Italian Adventures So, as part of the series of what I have deemed 'backblogging' (cause I am blogging about stuff that happen a while back) it seems necessary to write about Italy - our first adventure away from London. Emma's work told her she had to take 10 days holiday before the new tax year (April in the UK for those not in the know). So, as hard as it was to force ourselves to make time for a holiday, we somehow managed. She quizzed the Flight Centre folk for the best deal so we could see the places we wanted to in the amount of time we had. We ended up planning for about three days in each of Rome, Florence and Venice. Rome & Pompeii (Roma e Pompei): We flew out of London from ... read more
St Peter's Basilica

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane January 1st 2009

Almost two years ago, in a country far, far away... Emma and I thought it would be great to do what I have entitled our Backblog (like Backlog, but bloggy!). I will start at the very beginning (I hear it's a very good place to start)... Our flight from Brisbane was nice and early on New Years Day so we didn't get heaps of sleep the night before. Family saw us off and all that jazz and we headed to Korea for our overnight stay courtesy of Korean Air. We arrived in Incheon International Airport with no idea where to go and without the magical ability to read Korean, Chinese, Japanese or anything else on their signs, we had to rely on what was written in English and on the little pictures accompanying the signs. The ... read more
Me in line at Brisbane Airport
Emma in line at BNE
Ruth, Kent and Mel trying not to cry as we leave

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