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Asia » Cambodia February 17th 2009

Geo: 13.4691, 104.041It seem to take forever but I finally arrived in Siem Reap about 2pm local time on Sunday.Spent the rest of the day trying to get oriented but thats not easy in a city that seems to have no organisational structure at all but I'm starting to get an idea of the lay out. That evening some of the girls that are also working on the projects took me under their wing and showed me a few places like where to eat where not to eat, how much you should expect to pay for things etc. Had a fantastic meal and thankfully my fear of not being able to stick with my vegi diet is unfounded. there is plenty on offer and its cheap and very good. This is quite an amazing place the ... read more

Asia » Singapore » Changi February 15th 2009

Geo: 1.3, 103.85Well Im finaly on my way, after a rather uneventful flight I've arrived at Changi airport where I have a 5 hour wait for my next flight. I thought the smog in Melbourne was bad at the moment, this place is thick with it and there doesnt appear to be any wind.Im going to jump on a free tour bus just to waste some time, airports are one of the most predictable and boring places on the planet, it doesnt matter where you are they all look the same.Hopefully by my next blog I will be in Cambodia.... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne February 9th 2009

Geo: -37.8143, 144.963My last night in Cairns was a beauty, drinks at Tim's around the dining table (Cairns has a thriving dining table party scene) Was the usual raucous Friday night with everybody talking at once and none of us making any sense. About 11pm we decided that inflicting ourselves upon each other had run its course so we had to find other people to inflict ourselves on, that's when we decided to head into a mate's nightclub and see what was happening, well sadly nothing was, the place was empty. We came to the realisation that another nightclub (yes Cairns has more than 1) had the Rainbow Serpent after party on. So we made our apologies and headed over to the other venue. What a contrast the place was heaving with the tried and true ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns February 6th 2009

Geo: -16.9254, 145.775One of the best things about my friends is most of them are great cooks, love to chat and will find any excuse for a little get together.So the other night a few of us "got together" for a night of curry magic.Nothing flash but the food was superb, we even had banana, apricot and cranberry meringue with banana custard for dessert. Decedent, excessive, but really yummy. It seems the one trait none of us possess is prudence.It was the last chance I had to say goodbye to some of the Cairns crew and it felt fitting to do it by stuffing our faces.Only 1 more day left here in Cairns, I wont be back until probably mid June, which isn't such a bad thing because by then the wet season will be over, ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Cairns February 3rd 2009

Geo: -16.9254, 145.775I sit back at my place in Cairns after 7 weeks in Melbourne. I have a love /hate relationship with Melbourne, it has everything you could need and even more of stuff that you don't need. Its where I grew up and spent most of my life, but I don't feel connected to the city any more and I go back under sufferance. Unfortunately there are still reasons to go back that cannot be ignored. I live in the wet tropics and enjoy the fact that not to many other people do, its warm, there's plenty of water, trees and fresh air.But this year I get to go on a great adventure, one that I have played out in my head a thousand times.Since I first heard my mother tell me about my uncle ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Melbourne March 14th 1999

Geo: -37.8143, 144.963... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London February 28th 1999

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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh February 8th 1999

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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Bridgend February 2nd 1999

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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London August 22nd 1998

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