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Asia » India » Karnataka » Hampi November 10th 2007

Gunfire rattled up and down the darkened streets. From our vantage point up on the rooftop, we could hear the sharp retort of - what sounded like - a gun somewhere down below, to be followed seconds later by rapid retaliatory fire from an automatic - further up the street. Periodic shouting broke out in the smoke filled streets and alleyways of the town while overhead, a starshell exploded with a deafening "BANG" that thudded through our chests with heart-stopping violence. We were in the small Karnatakan town of Hampi in south-central India. Had you been brought blindfolded to the rooftop of our hotel without any prior knowledge of what was going on, you could be forgiven for thinking that you had ended up in the middle of a war zone. Fortunately, you would be wrong ... read more
Temple Dancer
In Among the Ruins
The Portuguese Influence, Panjim

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai November 4th 2007

There can't be anywhere else quite like India. It becomes apparent, almost as soon as you arrive, that this country of around 1.25 billion people marches to a very different drum to that of the rest of the world. It is a place of extremes and massive contradictions where the sheer diversity of human experience and emotion may overwhelm, delight, shock or suffocate you - sometimes, all in the same moment. Nothing seems to work quite the way you expect and the cultural divide is so great that - upon arrival - you can feel as if you have somehow, been transported to a different planet. Experiencing this cultural difference is one of the main reasons we travel and it is because India is so different, that we keep coming back. A journey through the sub-continent ... read more
Colonial Architecture, Mumbai
Colaba Market
Outside the 'Salvo's Hostel'.

Asia » Thailand September 28th 2007

The wonderful thing about S E Asia is the variety of landscapes and experiences to be had there. You can mingle with remote hill tribes, be bowled over by hi-tech mega cities, climb an active volcano, explore the ruins of a 'lost city', trek through virgin rainforests or simply kick back on an idyllic beach. In the course of a year, we had done most of these things - and more. Moving on from the region would be hard for we had come to know it quite intimately. This wasn't the end however. We were still 5-months away from returning home. In the interim, there was still one last challenge - India. Following our return from Australia, there was time to say "Goodbye" to S E Asia as we made our way slowly back to Bangkok. ... read more
Rambutans, Cambodia
Communist Flag, Laos
"Lost City" Ruins, Thailand

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Fremantle September 16th 2007

TransPerth trains had a very helpful habit of telling you where you were and where you were going. "The next station stop," the lightly accented voice would announce over the PA system, "Is Kuranda." It made city navigation so much easier. And, should you chance to fall asleep and miss your stop, the PA system would be on hand to inform you - most helpfully - that you had in fact missed your stop. On this particular day however, missing our stop was unlikely to be a problem since we were taking the train to the end of the line at Fremantle. After a busy few days catching up with the family, we had decided to broaden our horizons, visit some old friends south of Perth and try to see a little bit of the south ... read more
Fremantle Town
The Welcome Wall
Beneath a Southern Sky

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Perth September 5th 2007

When we awoke to our first morning in Australia, it was to the almost forgotten sounds of indigenous birdsong; wattlebirds, Australian magpies and honeyeaters. Excitedly, I pulled back the blind covering our window and looked outside. It didn't seem to matter that it was a chilly 5 degrees centigrade, nor that it had rained during the night - out there was Australia and we couldn't wait to become re-acquainted with it again. We had arrived the night before on a flight from Singapore, swapping the heat of tropical Asia for the chill of a southern hemisphere winter. Dropping below the Tropic of Capricorn and alighting in Perth, it was a shock to discover how chilly it was (a balmy 3 degrees centigrade, no less) and that our few 'cool' weather clothes were totally inadequate. Fortunately, Viv's ... read more
Seasonal Waterfall @ JFNP
Parrots Galore!
Ring-Necked Parrot

Asia » Singapore August 24th 2007

The doors opened with a pneumatic hiss as the MRT train glided smoothly into the station at Orchard Road. The train and station area were antiseptically clean. Chrome and glass shone with hardly a sign of a fingerprint, let alone any trace of graffiti but this was Singapore of course, our 9th country and one of the cleanest in South East Asia. Hardly surprising since the act of leaving your 'tag' mark on a wall or spitting out a wad of chewing gum, could land you with a heavy, on-the-spot fine or worse, a few lashes with a bamboo cane known as the rotan. Singapore's reputation as something of a 'nanny state' was gained during the governing years of its former prime minister, Lee Kuan Yew who finally stepped down in 1990 after more than 30 ... read more
Are We in the Right Place?
Treetops Poolside
'Old' and New Singapore

Asia » Malaysia » Pahang » Pulau Tioman August 19th 2007

Rest and recuperation. Most of our friends back home probably thought that our trip was one long holiday... what on Earth did we need a period of R & R for? Long-term travel however - as anyone who has done it will know - is not like taking a holiday. Without realising it, the effects of heat and constant change; of switching time zones and cultures so often, of going without sleep and making do with a poor diet - could run a body down. Before you knew what was happening, you had opened the door for fatigue and illness to slip in. When you reached the stage where nothing seemed to touch you anymore and you wondered why you kept going, you had probably pushed things too far. Recognising the symptoms before you reached this ... read more
The Beach at Air Batang
Kampong Door
Bali Hai Sunset

Asia » Malaysia » Sarawak » Bako National Park July 25th 2007

Sarawak. It was another one of those exotic sounding places that you almost felt compelled to visit - simply for the name alone. We knew too, that it would give us a perverse sense of satisfaction to be able to say that we had visited Sarawak and see the look of puzzlement cross people’s faces. “Sarawak”, they would say, “Where’s that?” Most people have heard of Borneo of course, and probably have pre-conceived ideas of what it is like; dense jungles, head hunting tribes, weird and wonderful wildlife. Far fewer people however, actually know where it is, or that it is carved up between three separate countries. Lying almost at the heart of South East Asia, Borneo is laterally dissected by the Equator and is stickily hot and humid all year round. Two thirds of this ... read more
On the Waterfront
Kuching Skyline
In Palin's Footsteps

Asia » Malaysia » Penang » George Town July 1st 2007

It was 2:30 in the morning when Viv woke me. She was red hot and complaining that she had a terrible headache, stomach cramps and aching joints. "I think I need to see a doctor," she whimpered. The fever had been building for the past two days, but we had both been hoping that it was nothing serious and would pass given time. But instead, it seemed to be getting worse and even paracetamol was having little effect. Fighting back feelings of panic, I got dressed quickly, running through a mental list of diseases that might be causing the fever. Foremost among them was the thought that it might be dengue fever or malaria. The symptoms seemed to fit but only a blood test would tell us for sure. Ever since a frightening brush with ... read more
Double Take
The Wan Hai, Love Lane
Street Stalls, Penang

Asia » Indonesia » Sumatra » Lake Toba June 24th 2007

It was probably a sign of the times and we didn't want to find fault with our hotels - after all, we were staying at the cheaper end of the market and there were precious few visitors around. But the fact was, there were often times when we felt that someone ought to be paying us to stay in them - not the other way around. Despite our best efforts to find something that would redeem our hotel in Bukit Lawang, it was the bed bugs and extremely smelly toilet (that blocked regularly and could only be emptied by tipping a bucketful of water down it each time we needed to flush) that finally drove us away. Of course, the "Wisma Sibayak" had not escaped damage from the flood that ripped through Bukit Lawang in 2003 ... read more
Karonese Kids
High Above the Clouds
Into The Devil's Kitchen

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