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18th June 2009

wow!! by the time you guys get back you may just have me beat with places you have visited! I am getting hit by the travel bug!! its been almost 3 years since i have been out of the country! Im glad you guys are having an amazing time! cant wait to hear about them when you guys get home (and we see ya again)
14th June 2009

The trip just wouldn't be the same...
without those kind of adventures! I'm still completely jealous. Kit says "Thanks a lot." Apparently, I mention it from time to time! :)
9th June 2009

Sounds like fun!
We enjoy your blog messages. Love you both mom and dad
8th June 2009

I guess all us Bullerd girls received the gracefull walking trait. Sounds like you are having fun and I am excited to see what will happen next. Enjoy your trip and have fun.
8th June 2009

It sounds like a blast so far! And, as a fellow American, I appreciate your preservation of our reputations. Way to take one for the team! Can't wait to hear more!
8th June 2009

I laughed so hard when I read this. You got stuck in a turnstile, had to use a special needs door, and then Christina fell. I'm still laughing. Hope the rest of your trip is a little smoother. :) I look forward to more updates!
8th June 2009

First off, I just found out you guys were taking this trip and I am both excited and jealous of you guys! Italy is simply AMAZING! You HAVE to eat Gelato! you will never have better ice cream! Sounds like you guys are off to a wonderful start with LOTS of funny stories to come home with!
7th June 2009

Can't wait to see what kind of trouble you get into!

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