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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane August 6th 2014

The things you think about when travelling. Recently whilst researching an upcoming trip to America, I came across a small fact. When driving on the American Freeways, the position of the number for the exit ramp indicates which side of the road the exit is on. For example, if the exit number sits on the very left of the sign you exit to the left and if on the right, then you exit to the right. Simple, logical. So leaving our home to drive from Gayndah to Brisbane to then fly on to Sydney, observation of Queensland highway signs became of great interest. Only one exit number sign on the Bruce Highway travelling southwards into Brisbane was observed to be on the left hand side of the large green highway signs. All other exit numbers were ... read more

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gayndah January 13th 2013

It's hot. Swelteringly hot. But, as we are good little soldiers, today we pulled out the bags, listed all the goodies we think we will need on our upcoming cruise (because it's less than 2 weeks away.) The big backpacks bought for our big trip in 2014 needed a trial run and what could be better? This is also the first time the girls have packed their own bags for an overseas trip. Scary. So we vetted everything but mostly they have packed for themselves. New shoes, new swimmers, sunscreen, makeup and jewellery. Cameras. Discovered we had no spare SD cards so a quick ebay shopping trip. Still need a couple of little things here and there. Some things will be in use until the day we leave. It's so exciting and we can't wait. Here's ... read more

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