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5th October 2014

So sad to read of these changes. In the 90s, I traveled up from Trento to Bolzano, and was so moved to see bilingual signs initially labeled first in Italian and then in German, and then the reverse as we got further north. I love bilingual signs and thought this bode well for the integration of the two cultures. It seems all over the world, especially with the economic crisis, there is more xenophobia and less tolerance. Hopefully, this too shall pass. Great blog!
5th October 2014

Welcome to the U.S.
Houston is a great city if you enjoy city life. As you have discovered there are no cowboys, although you'll find a few guys walking around in boots and flashy belts along the way. In the past few years the city has become a "foodie" destination. The U.S. and Texas in particular as you've have described accurately the land of big things....cars and meals are only the start. For the most part Americans don't walk more than a couple of blocks. ..and yet they will then turn around and run on the treadmill in the gym. It is crazy. Will you stay in Texas for all of your time in the U.S. or will you travel outside the state?
9th August 2014

Fellow foodie
Loved the blog and thanks for all the food photos and comments.
24th June 2014

I had the same monk, I think
I just wanted to let you know that I actually probably had the same monk today, as I experienced it at the same wat where you are encouraged to talk to the monks. I went to the guy's room, like you, feeling a bit strange, but going along with it because I thought this was part of the experience. He started massaging my inner thigh, and it was obvious he was getting close to my penis. Gradually he started to move over to my penis, and loosened my garments where my erect penis was obviously showing through my underwear. He said he wanted to relax me. For whatever reason I didn't stop him. Eventually he was rubbing my penis with coconut oil. He was getting some sort of out of body pleasure. I knew what he was doing, but one side of me was saying, as these guys are abstinent during their lives, and as a gay monk presumably, the chances of contact are remote with other men. As a bisexual person, I almost felt I was doing him a favour by allowing him to experience it. My other thinking was that maybe be was wanking me off in order to clear my mind when we subsequently talked. It is a fact that once ejaculated, you quickly lose sexual interest for many days. I obviously came. He then seemed to want to do it again but I resisted that time. He took a real interest in my penis, moreso because of its size (his words not mine!). He was immensely thankful that I 'understood him'. There was no other sexual contact. I'm not sure how I feel about the experience. It was immensely weird, and I feel a bit hollow and confused. His name was Alex/Alec. I was officially wanked off by a monk. What more can I say.
30th June 2014

I really don't know what to say man... This story gets weirder every day. My entry was from pretty long time ago, don't know how many guys this dude got in his room! Ahm.. yes man, seems you got w@nked off by a monk. Really dunno what to say.
11th June 2014

Good hearing some positives on the Philippines. We really enjoyed our time there and are eager to go back.
11th June 2014

Yeah its good indeed.. I feel that the Phillies are having a bad image right now which is (not always) justified. There are much worse places to visit! Thanks!
3rd April 2014

I live in Shanghai and can relate in some ways to the way you perceive and think about Asia. I'm really enjoying your blog; great pace, fun to read. Keep it up!
3rd April 2014

If you live in Shanghai you will for sure know what I mean when I talk about China :) We are in the same boat (although Hong Kong is a somewhat soft version of the real deal!). Thanks for your interest, happy you enjoy the reading!
22nd January 2014

Very good
verynice blog. Very honest. Appreciate the honesty.
23rd January 2014

Thank you so much. Happy you enjoy the reading. Honesty first ;)
25th June 2013

Great blog!
Looking forward to reading more.
30th June 2013

Thank you a lot! Always happy if someone is interested :)

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