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3rd June 2012

How fun!!! Way to go dean- ma-gees! Thunder won tonight too. ( I'm reading this on June2 ). This should have been videoed u could have made some extra $$
3rd June 2012

Monkeys are very cute. How interesting to get to visit there
1st June 2012

We were waiting for your blogs and happy to receive 4 today. Sounds like your 10-year celebration was done well! Love, Mom
29th May 2012

Love the pictures!
27th May 2012

Boston vs Philly is all you need! Good Celtics!! (yes, PIFfy is becoming a real obnoxious Beantown girl!
26th May 2012

I am enjoying your blog, Lloyd. Warmest regards to the alumni members of the 2010 team: #1 docta, Dr. Liu and Andy and Paul.
26th May 2012

I like your stop watch timing of the flight! Your blog is making me nostalgic for China and the people I met there. Tenho muitas saudades!
26th May 2012

It seems every time you make a trip to China, you experience new things, like buying umbrellas and walking in the rain. I trust good things will also await you in Chengdu.
25th May 2012

Glad to hear you had a safe trip. We anticipate your blogs! Love, Mom
From Blog: Hong Kong
23rd May 2012

I found this very interesting and also sad to see how poor and sick these people are. We often take for granit how blessed we really are. I think it is very nice that you Dr's volunteer your time to help those in need. By the way,my eyes look alot better. Thanks you did a good job.
From Blog: China Trip 2012
23rd May 2012

A big thank you for your service to others in need.
Thank you for the recent blog and I'll be looking forward to hearing more exciting news about so many people being cured of potential blindness because of your sharing your knowledge, time and concern.
From Blog: China Trip 2012
27th March 2012

Glad to hear everyone arrived back to the U.S. safely. I'm sure you have lots of great photos to share and stories as well.
26th March 2012

Welcome back!
Hi Lloyd, Thanks for the updates via the blog. Great to hear about your adventures and good work. Great to hear you are back. Looking forward to your stories and photos. --Bruce
26th March 2012

Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures. My husband and I were in Zimbabwe for 18 months and got so see so many of these same animals and the beautiful African sunset. Your pictures bring back so many good memories of our service in Africa. Thanks for putting the trip together and for sharing your great experiences with these blogs. They have been fascinating!
25th March 2012

Eye surgery
I have enjoyed following the group--what an exhausting trip. I'm glad that you had a chance to do some skills transfer...I would have enjoyed seeing Dr. Pons' MICS technique. Have a safe trip back! Cliff
24th March 2012
Dr. Farris Lecturing

Wow! Dr. Pons sounds like an amazing person, with lots of energy and obviously driven and focused.
24th March 2012

Beautiful countryside and you looked relaxed and contemplative with your cup of Mabuda coffee :)
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19th March 2012

Sad stories
Hi Lloyd, Your heart must be aching to see people suffer so and on top of that lack food. We are so grateful the task force is out there to help and we are praying for you. We also trust you will all stay well. The pictures show a beautiful country and lovely people. God bless you. Love, Mom
19th March 2012

All I can say is God bless your team for sharing your knowledge and having caring hearts
These photos say everything.......
19th March 2012

Great scenery and great hospitality! Good luck with your work there. We need a few group pictures.
From Blog: Monday
18th March 2012

Lloyd, My sister-in-law currently lives in Mozambiaque and travels to Swaziland every so often. Her stories and pictures of safaris are amazing. The people she helps are truly grateful for any assistance as I'm sure you will encounter. I look
18th March 2012

Awesome photos!
Would love to hear the singing! I love to hear African choirs. The little children are so beautiful.
From Blog: Sunday
18th March 2012

Very interesting; would have liked to have been with you; those kids are so cute.
From Blog: Sunday
18th March 2012

Amazing that you actually risk your life traveling this far to share your knowledge and passion to help others. Good for you.
16th March 2012

Plane Pic
Glad that you all (and luggage) made it successfully. Who is that funny looking guy next to you in the plane? Enjoyed catching-up in OKC. Sorry to be out of touch for so long. Have an interesting time in Africa--we had some great adventures in Ghana! Cliff

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