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31st January 2012

wow, the timing of this post in amazing! its the final day of our two week holiday visiting jeff's family in NB, and freedom, living life with purpose and entirely for our family, and focusing on only doing the things we love has been the ONLY topic of conversation. I admire SO much what you and Pat have done- it was so incredibly brave of you both and is something that will change your lives forever. i completely understand your fear of falling back into the 9-5 grind, the status-quo. but i also know how incredible and full of integrity you both are- i have the utmost faith that you will follow your hearts and find the perfect solution. Life has a funny way of working itself out like that. Honestly, Ami- I can NOT WAIT for you guys to come home. I cant wait to chat, reconnect, share memories, stories, but most importantly, to be able to talk about all of our dreams for the future. It will be an amazing, energy-packed few weeks that I'm certain will leave us all rejuvenated and feeling on top of the world. It will be the fucking best!! :) safe travels for the rest of your time there! give patrick a little smooch for me and have him do the same to you! love you both! xoxo
7th November 2011

Ami i have been following your blog and it looks like you are having an awesome adventure didnt quite like the part about Rena that was a little scarey but thankfully the outcome was great. Hope you have a wonderful time with your mum and i look forward to reading more of you adventures take care and be safe kiddo love always Mandy
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26th April 2011

My Favourite
I particularly appreciated the introspective nature of this post, and the picture it painted of what you've been up to lately. I'm glad you had a great birthday and that your journey is taking you to some interesting places, inside and out. There was a Payeur/Blais get together yesterday that I had the priviledge of attending, and you were talked about and missed. Keep having fun and I, among others, will continue to be here reading.
From Blog: Leaving "Home"
14th April 2011

Ami and Pat incredible beautiful I love those pictures.
12th April 2011

Honestly, you seem to be having an amazing time! I am quite jealous. Getting more and more excited about taking a trip to visit!
12th April 2011

Great place to be
Hi Ami and Pat, It's great seeing your adventure up close. You're in the right place at the right time to help and learn. Keep up the good work. Met Jess Milton at the "Vinyl Cafe" show in Cleveland. She says hello. What a great time we had. Love Rich
4th April 2011

Out of Space
Patric I just love this Picture, you just look great. Oma
29th March 2011

Love Goat Cheese!
Awesome pictures.
28th March 2011

Hey Farmers
That is sure some beautiful landscape you discovered and shared. I love the new vehicle. It looks so brand new. Must seem funny driving on the left. You've made great progress. We're so proud of you both. Patrick looks like a strange aboriginal from outer space in his spear fishing outfit. Hope you are bringing home some nice stringers of fish.Have a great fall season and we'll catch more of your adventures in the next blog...Love, Rich
28th March 2011

Ami & Pat the pictures are WOW! Thanks so much for taking the time to post them - they are worth 1000 words. Enjoy, be safe (wear water shoes from now on) and look after each other. XOXOXO
14th March 2011

Good luck! I'll be reading!
10th March 2011

OMG I love BHAGS!!! What an inspiring and awesome exercise. I think the two of you are totally audacious and hairy, and that all your dreams will come true :)

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